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  • Starting left tackle michael oher hasn’t played Since 2016 Because he’s on a dozen different brain medications and can’t come out of a dark room [3]
  • I got my dad a Vikings t-shirt that says just one before i die Since he’s rooted for the Team Since their inception [2]
  • 36-year-old me curses my decision to watch that game Because i’ve been a fan of that god forsaken gold and red thrash heap ever Since [5]
  • I’m glad you survived your brain explosion back in december Because if i have to live with this bullshit Team so do you [2]
  • I’m not saying the Vikings Caused this but they certainly didn’t help [2]
  • He is built like a space marine and dresses like andre 3000 Because of this the nfl has marked him for death [3]
  • My father is 63 years old and hasn’t seen the Vikings in a super bowl Since he was 21 and gerald ford was president [2]
  • Why your Team Sucks 2019 buffalo bills [5]
  • Why your Team Sucks 2019 atlanta falcons [3]
  • Why your Team Sucks 2019 miami dolphins [3]
  • Share all sharing options for silver mining 7 26 why your Team Sucks 2019 raiders edition [4]
  • Why your Team Sucks 2019 green bay packers [3]
  • Why your Team Sucks 2019 carolina panthers [2]
  • Don’t get too excited Because people will always meet your lowest expectations [2]
  • Why your Team Sucks 2019 oakland raiders [5]

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Team is

  • It’s Like this Team Is run by elizabeth holmes and maybe it Is [5]
  • Two states One Team Is the motto and this Is evidenced by the move of the team’s headquarters 15 minutes south of the border [3]
  • This Team Is my weather [2]
  • 1. the Team Is built on defense but gives up a billion points to competent offenses [2]
  • When this Team Is losing to buffalo it’s right at home [2]
  • This Team Is never winning another super bowl [5]
  • This Team Is fully responsible for every single bit of baggage minnesotans have about.. [2]

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