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  • Connecticut had been governed under the fundamental orders Since 1639 but the state adopted a New constitution in 1818 [6]
  • Heavy rainfall Caused the Connecticut River to flood downtown hartford and east hartford [6]
  • Hartford has been the sole capital of Connecticut Since 1875 [6]
  • Oglethorpe is different from other colony founders Because he survived the revolution and was able to see the colonies achieve statehood [3]
  • In 1965 Connecticut ratified its current constitution replacing the document that had served Since 1818 [6]
  • Since 1952 a pga tour golf tournament has been played in the hartford area [6]
  • Since 1670 cayman islands [4]
  • Since 1650 anguilla [4]
  • Since 1908 south georgia and the south sandwich islands [4]
  • Since 1815 ascension Island [4]
  • Since 1908 british antarctic territory [4]
  • Since 1816 tristan da cunha [4]
  • Since 1713 gibraltar [4]
  • John davenport and merchant theophilus eaton led the founders of the New haven colony which was absorbed into Connecticut colony in the 1660s [4]
  • Since 1965 british indian ocean territory before as part of mauritius and the seychelles [4]

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Connecticut does

  • However the State of Connecticut Does also provide statewide ordinances for noise control as well [6]
  • Not have county government unlike all other states except rhode Island [6]
  • Not levy an intangible personal property tax [6]

Connecticut has

  • A long maritime History and a reputation based on that History yet the State Has no direct oceanfront technically speaking [6]
  • Most of Connecticut Has less than 60 days of snow cover [6]
  • Five representatives in the u.s [6]
  • One native cactus opuntia humifusa found in sandy coastal areas and low hillsides [6]

Connecticut river

  • Heavy rainfall Caused the Connecticut River to flood downtown Hartford and east Hartford [6]
  • John winthrop the younger of massachusetts received a commission to create saybrook Colony at the mouth of the Connecticut River in 1635 [6]
  • Lower Connecticut River valley [6]

Connecticut at

  • 1636 - thomas hooker founded the Colony of Connecticut At the city of Hartford [5]
  • Curlie [6]

Connecticut ratified

  • In 1965 Connecticut Ratified its current constitution replacing the document that had served Since 1818 [6]
  • The u.s [6]

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