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  • He said he wants to be the last person to bury his child Because of such a tragedy. [4]
  • Bulletproof backpack sales up 200 percent Since el paso dayton shootings [3]
  • Sanders ‘costly blunders’ Since 9 11 have ‘weakened our democracy’ [2]
  • His youngest daughter Meadow Pollack was a high School senior planning toattendlynn university a private School in boca raton [4]
  • Meadow was one of 17 students and teachers gunned down at marjory stoneman douglas high School in parkland on feb [4]
  • Cruz enrolled in cross creek a specialized School serving 150 students in grades k-12 in february of 2014 [3]
  • Why Meadow Died is a shakespearean tragedy set in a public School system [5]
  • Pollack also has taken on a project to build a playground and memorial at betti stradling park in coral springs for Meadow and the 16 others who Died [4]
  • After my sister Meadow was murdered at marjory stoneman douglas high School the media obsessed for months about the type of rifle the killer used [5]
  • Why the system failed to stop nikolas Cruz and could do it again [3]
  • Pollack wanted to walk Meadow down the aisle one day [4]
  • If something frustrated Cruz he would curse and threaten anyone nearby [3]
  • More stoneman douglas high students return to parkland School eager to see friends [4]
  • More florida School Shooting survivors move forward with purpose for change [4]
  • More marjory stoneman douglas high students share back-to-school thoughts before and after [4]

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Pollack is

  • The bold striking colossus of parkland politics [5]
  • A grieving father who has taken his anger and turned it toward working so no parent has to suffer the pain he feels [4]

Pollack said

  • His daughter Would want him to fight [4]
  • Part of me died with my kid Pollack Said recently in his coral springs home [4]
  • He saw where his daughter was killed and how long she had been hunted [4]
  • Peterson was a coward [4]

School safety

  • Questions about School Safety that go far beyond the national gun debate [5]
  • Education educational policy & reform School Safety & violence [5]

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