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  • - friday's badger Football Game against the university of south florida has been Delayed Due to lightning in the area. [2]
  • East lansing the michigan-michigan state Game was stalled Due to a Weather delay. [3]
  • Former florida associate ad chip howard was involved with the gators’ lengthy idaho Game delay in 2014 Due to lightning in the gainesville area [1]
  • Because you know that Game started at 3 o’clock in the afternoon i think and at 11 o’clock at night or whatever it was we’re still there [1]
  • Those kids eat their pregame meal four hours prior to the Game so they hadn’t eaten Since 11 o’clock that day and we weren’t prepared for that. [1]
  • Because of college football’s intricate role in the national broadcast schedule tv itself can cause a roundabout Weather delay [1]
  • Espn reporting that kickoff between the badgers and south florida is now scheduled for 6 55pm ct Due to lightning [2]
  • Saturday Because of a lightning storm in the seattle area and resumed 2 1 2 hours later [4]
  • Photos evacuations road closures in green bay Due to flooding [2]
  • Seattle cal’s Football Game at washington entered a Weather delay at 7 51 p.m [4]
  • Share all sharing options for explaining the organized mayhem that ensues when Weather delays a college Football Game [1]
  • Per Weather delay rules any time lightning is seen in the area the game's delay clock will restart by 30 minutes [3]
  • We spoke with folks from television Game operations and coaching to see what it’s really like to go through a Weather delay [1]
  • Michigan Football michigan state players share pregame trash talk [3]
  • This is about transforming the fan experience with Football jack dorsey the chief executive of twitter said in a joint statement with the n.f.l [5]

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