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  • John Travolta 's dark head of hair has been famous Since the 1970s from welcome back kotter to saturday night fever [6]
  • I can honestly say i never thought i'd see the day Because i never think about John Travolta at all [4]
  • Subscribe to why John Travolta is going for the Bald look now updates [6]
  • Just a few days ago John Travolta showed off his Bald look again in an instagram photo with mariah carey [6]
  • John Travolta may be embracing the Bald look now but he'll probably rock more interesting wigs for future roles [6]
  • John Travolta is keeping his cool Bald look. [1]
  • John Travolta has been sporting his Bald head for a few months now but the actor wasn&apost always so accepting ofhis new look [3]
  • John Travolta finally embraced his Bald head [9]
  • John Travolta gave his Bald interview while attending the super bowl with his son [6]
  • John Travolta Bald and in a tux a la this photo looks like he kills bad people who have it coming while sipping an extra dry martini [4]
  • John Travolta and his daughter ella bleu appeared on jimmy kimmel live • guest host lena waithe asked Travolta about his Bald head [9]
  • John Travolta posted an instagram photo with his daughter celebrating the new year but fans were shocked to see he had no hair [3]
  • That's Because the star of gotti yet another wonder in its own way was on jimmy kimmel live last night along with his daughter ella blue [2]
  • Many online pundits have speculated that Travolta was inspired to get the new look by Bald rapper pitbull who wrote songs for gotti. [1]
  • John Travolta's gloriously Bald dome [2]

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Travolta @johntravolta

  • A post shared by John Travolta @johntravolta on feb 2 2019 at 6 04pm pst [6]
  • A post shared by John Travolta @johntravolta on jan 6 2019 at 3 08pm pst [7]

Travolta is

  • Subscribe to why John Travolta Is going for the Bald Look now updates [6]
  • John Travolta Is keeping his cool Bald look. [1]
  • John Travolta Is bloody and unrecognizable filming new movie [6]
  • John Travolta Is thanking fans for embracing his bold new 'do [8]
  • It's almost like we're all used to it already pre-bald Travolta Is looking a little odd already somehow [9]

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