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  • Political parties in Iowa have used Caucuses to select party leaders and candidates for office Since the 1800s [4]
  • Since Iowa had a complex process of precinct Caucuses county conventions district conventions and a state convention they chose to start early [4]
  • Because of the way the political process works in Iowa this state plays a unique and Important role in the selection of presidential candidates [3]
  • Iowa held a presidential primary in 1916 but returned to the Caucus system in 1917 Due to high costs and low participation [4]
  • Because it is the first state to do so candidates invest heavily there whether by holding debates or canvassing [6]
  • Just Because a candidate wins Iowa doesn't mean he wins the general Election republican strategist watkins said [6]
  • That's Because Iowa's a state where retail campaigning and one-on-one interactions with voters rather than simply big money and ad buys matter [7]
  • Accordingly poll results in other states can change incredibly quickly after the Iowa results sink in [7]
  • Yet romney was portrayed as a big loser Since he had been campaigning hard in Iowa and had once seemed the favorite to win [7]
  • Iowa matters primarily Because of how it changes the perceptions of the political world [7]
  • Accordingly nobody even bothered to try and leapfrog Iowa this time around [7]
  • Therefore most presidential candidates spend a long time campaigning in Iowa [3]
  • Since he's long been ahead in new hampshire he's now positioned to seriously compete in both early states [7]
  • Published Since september 1843 to take part in [1]
  • New hampshire is more open Because they allow independents schneider said [6]

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Iowa is

  • George mcgovern the democratic contender in the 1972 election explained the significance of Iowa like this Iowa Is terribly important [2]
  • Iowa and new hampshire are different kinds of tests but they go together Iowa Is a very restricted electorate [6]
  • Proud of its first-in-the-nation status and works hard to maintain it. [3]

Iowa doesn't

  • Just Because a Candidate wins Iowa Doesn't mean he wins the general election republican strategist watkins said [6]
  • Necessarily represent a diverse cross-section of america [2]

Iowa results

  • Accordingly poll Results in other states can change incredibly quickly after the Iowa Results sink in [7]
  • Donors and activists too look at the Iowa Results to judge whether the Candidates they’re supporting are still viable [7]

Caucuses are

  • Democratic Caucuses Are quite undemocratic [8]
  • On the republican side the Caucuses Are straightforward voters turn up listen to speeches and then cast their vote by a secret ballot [6]

Caucuses in

  • This realignment is a crucial distinction of Caucuses In that unlike a primary being a voter's second Candidate of choice can help a Candidate [4]
  • The united states [4]

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