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  • @holliefaubert is anyone else’s Facebook down or is it just mine been down Since friday night [1]
  • @milanistadevil @ivanveggeland i watched it on a youtube stream Because @acmilan ‘s Facebook stream didn’t load up [1]
  • Whatsapp not Working Since mobile is broken [1]
  • Kindly respond internet not Working right now Since yesterday and connection has been unstable the past week [1]
  • All ticket holders that did not get in Because of this closure will be accommodated on the next Working day [1]
  • @sashapowers41 is anyone else having issues with twitter or Facebook videos playing more than 2 seconds no just me great.... [1]
  • @the__squealer has anyone else been having issues with Facebook and instagram the last couple of days [1]
  • @jimfhall anyone else out there having Problems logging in to @facebook using 2-factor auth specifically using yubikey @yubico [1]
  • @chivers_vicky Since warning people of your awful service all you have done is block me from comments on Facebook [1]
  • @altitudepelham Due to inclement weather and loss of power altitude trampoline park is temporarily closed [1]
  • Does anyone notice Facebook being so Slow today [3]
  • Please help me out i am unable to access my temporarily locked account Due to not getting confirmation code on my registered number [1]
  • I likely followed you Because i was interested in you as a person not for the shite you're slinging. [1]
  • @tiffanypee is Facebook broken on chrome for anyone else besides me [1]
  • @thejasonhearne slowly Working through this massive process of unliking everything on Facebook and unfollowing anyone who posts with ad on instagram [1]

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Facebook so

  • Why is Facebook So Slow sometimes [3]
  • Why is Facebook So Slow to load [3]
  • Why is Facebook So Slow on chrome [3]
  • Why was Facebook So Slow today [3]
  • Why is Facebook So boring these days [3]

Facebook is

  • If Facebook Is Slow for you you are not alone facebookis Slow remains a consistent search term on google trends [2]
  • @thebachem the disconnect of humor and understanding from Twitter to Facebook Is hilarious. [1]
  • @apex_zy @iam_smithsydny Facebook Is not Working for business leads [1]
  • Check to see if Facebook Is down right now [2]
  • A social network where member share messages and status updates with online friends [1]
  • Running on ancient code [3]

Facebook instagram

  • You have a heap of people complaining abt speed Issues mostly relating to Facebook Instagram - i have tried contacting your live chat and 125111 [1]
  • Updates on Facebook Instagram and twitter. [1]

Facebook seems

  • @cyberawolf maybe that's why i spend more time on Twitter Facebook Seems to have more.. [1]
  • Last post on Facebook Seems to be in nov [1]

Slow for

  • If Facebook is Slow For you you are not alone facebookis Slow remains a consistent search term on google trends [2]
  • Is Facebook becoming very Slow For other people also [3]


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