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  • Nobody come near Ellen Today Because she's sick and it's all Because of kris jenner [6]
  • Because daytime talk shows get less attention than their late-night counterparts Degeneres is often overlooked in discussions of important hosts [1]
  • That bugs me if someone is saying that Because itโ€™s an outright lie she said [1]
  • She did drop hints about saying goodbye to the Ellen Degeneres show recently [2]
  • So for now we know we'll have the Ellen Degeneres show until at least 2020 [2]
  • Ellen Degeneres is giving you 20% off [2]
  • 18 on netflix doesnโ€™t just reveal a refreshingly irreverent version of Ellen Degeneres [1]
  • Asked why his sister returned to stand-up vance Degeneres a former correspondent for the daily show who helped create the mr [1]
  • In 2017 variety reported that Ellen makes a whopping $50 million a year from her show alone [2]
  • Ellen Degeneres's relationship with wife portia [2]
  • Ellen Degeneres got sick of dancing and really can you blame her [1]
  • Ellen Degeneres has a new special relatable spoofing her image [1]
  • Years before jimmy fallon turned games into standard elements of the tonight show Degeneres regularly invited guests to play them [1]
  • Money-wise if Ellen did decide to leave she would be turning down quite a hefty paycheck [2]
  • Ellen decided to debunk some of the rumors - including whether she's pregnant [4]

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