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  • Why Because in Spanish ¿por Qué porque [5]
  • Ask a question with ¿por Qué why and you'll probably hear a porque Because in the response [2]
  • ¿por Qué me llamaría porque le gustas why would she call me Because she likes you. [2]
  • Why are you sad ¿por Qué estás triste Because i’m sick porque estoy enfermo [5]
  • ¿por Qué lo hiciste porque fue gracioso why did you do it Because it was funny. [2]
  • Why are you here ¿por Qué estás aquí Because i’m on vacation porque estoy de vacaciones [5]
  • When for example somebody asks you for your name you have to use cuál Because in Spanish there’s an imaginary list of potential names you could have [5]
  • Whether or not you realize it a question word is actually a pronoun Because it is used in place of the noun that would be the answer to the question [10]
  • Cuál this is not Qué Because there are potential answers that you are choosing from [5]
  • Porque Because giving answers in Spanish [6]
  • Why have you come Because i have some free time. [6]
  • Like Because in english you can use porque to link two clauses when the second explains the first [2]
  • Why don’t you eat pizza Because i am not hungry [6]
  • Why are you leaving Because it is too late already. [6]
  • Everest Because it's there. [2]

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Quiz regular

  • Verbs in the imperfect [10]
  • Verbs in the preterite tense [10]
  • Verbs in the present tense [10]

Quiz pronoun

Quiz adjective

Quiz preterite

  • Tense indicators [10]
  • Tense situations [10]

Quiz imperfect

  • Situations [10]
  • Indicators [10]

Quiz command

  • Forms of Verbs [10]
  • Forms with reflexive pronouns [10]

Verb ser

  • Qué is used in front of any form of the Verb Ser when asking for a definition or an explanation [10]
  • Cuál is used in front of any form of the Verb Ser when you're asking for a choice or specific answer [10]

Verb to

  • Quiz confusing Verbs determining which Verb To Use [10]
  • Confusing Verbs determining which Verb To Use [10]


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