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  • Because mahatamaji is great therefore none should criticize him [3]
  • Because he has risen above therefore everything he says-may be in the field of politics or religion economics or ethics-is right [3]
  • At least One thing is true that i have not evolved this thought Because of vanity or pride [1]
  • As far as the first question is concerned i think i have made it clear that i did not turn Atheist Because of vanity [1]
  • Due to the inevitable reaction for some time the very existence of the party seemed impossible [3]
  • Let me tell you british rule is here not Because God wills it but Because they possess power and we do not dare to oppose them [3]
  • I am often times tired Because of how hard i work at my goals [6]
  • So i was a staunch disbeliever and have ever Since been [3]
  • Because it was in the public domain in india in 1996 and no copyright was registered in the u.s.a [3]
  • This is Due to the mental stagnation criticism and independent thinking are the two indispensable qualities of a revolutionary [3]
  • He Caused only a few tragedies all for his morbid enjoyment [1]
  • He is poor Hence he cannot study [3]
  • This work is in the Because it originates from india and its term of copyright has expired [3]
  • Jonathan haidt the well-known cognitive psychologist for example argues that religious individuals exist today Due to evolutionary reasons [6]
  • Hence we find the wide differences in the fundamentals of various religious creeds which some times assume very antagonistic and conflicting shapes [3]

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God is

  • As they came to believe in ghosts and evil spirits the only difference Is that Belief in God Is almost universal and the philosophy well developed [3]
  • From the every first page of his famous and only book bandi jivan or incarcerated life the glory of God Is sung vehemently [3]

God what

  • Where is God What is he doing is he enjoying all i these woes of human race a nero a changez down with him [3]
  • Where is God What is he doing is he getting a diseased pleasure out of it a nero a genghis khan down with him [1]

God in

  • As regard the origin of God my thought is that man created God In his imagination when he realized his weaknesses limitations and shortcomings [1]
  • He challenged the authority of God In the old times [3]
  • See the last page of the second part of this book and you find praises showered upon God In the way of a mystic [1]


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