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  • Due to complications i was in the hospital for 11 days he reported [2]
  • Visiting nurse service of new york's physical therapist billy campbell has been helping Today show's Al Roker after his knee surgery [7]
  • On the december 14 2018 episode of the Today show Al Roker was honored for 40 years at nbc [6]
  • Al Roker was born in queens new york the son of isabel of jamaican descent and albert lincoln Roker sr. a bus driver of bahamian descent [6]
  • In 1995 he became the host of the Al Roker show a weekend talk show on cnbc [6]
  • In november 2014 Roker embarked on a roker-thon in which he did a non-stop 34-hour weather forecast on nbc from 10 05p.m [6]
  • Roker worked as a weather anchor for cbs affiliate when-tv now wtvh in syracuse new york from 1974 until 1976 while he was enrolled at suny oswego [6]
  • He may sneak out more in the afternoons too Since those matinee movie rates for seniors are hard to resist [4]
  • Al Roker is famous for many things through his many decades on Today with nbc [4]
  • Al Roker surprised with early birthday celebration at Today see the sweet video https x8zjqjrajr [4]
  • More get better Al Roker set for knee surgery away from Today for 2 weeks [2]
  • In 2008 Roker hosted nbc's he hosted a week-long feature on Today profiling five game shows and their hosts in july 2016 titled game on Today [6]
  • Roker also serves as co-host on third hour Today although the latter not officially announced by nbc news [6]
  • From 1996 1997 he hosted a game show on msnbc called remember this [6]
  • Laughter loving wishes bright colors and bacon Al Roker could never have dreamed for a better early birthday treat [4]

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Roker is

  • Al Roker Is famous for many things through his many decades on Today with Nbc [4]
  • A game Show fan [6]
  • An honorary member of the phi beta sigma fraternity [6]

Roker at

  • Al Roker At [6]
  • Al Roker At the interviews an oral history of television [6]

Roker appeared

  • On the may 9 1998 episode of saturday night live hosted by david duchovny Roker Appeared in a mango sketch with matt lauer [6]
  • In 2018 Roker Appeared in episode 400 of my brother my brother and me [6]
  • As the guest ring announcer at wrestlemania 33 for the match between john cena and nikki bella versus the miz and maryse [6]

Roker has

  • Hosted programs on food network namely Roker on the road and tricked-out tailgating [6]
  • Three children two daughters courtney born 1987 and leila born 1998 and one son nicholas albert born 2002 [6]

Roker had

  • Produced and narrated a coast guard documentary television series [6]
  • A cameo appearance in sharknado 2 the second one which premiered on syfy on july 30 2014 [6]

Roker set

  • More get better Al Roker Set for knee surgery away from Today for 2 weeks [2]
  • Eastern standard time Roker Set the guinness world record by reporting for 34 hours [6]

Roker underwent

  • On thursday june 7 2001 Roker Underwent a total knee arthoplasty replacement or tka on his left knee [6]
  • In october 2018 Roker Underwent emergency carpal tunnel surgery [6]
  • In 2002 Roker Underwent gastric bypass surgery to lose weight which he said he did after failing at numerous diets [6]

Today show

  • On the december 14 2018 episode of the Today Show Al Roker was honored for 40 years at Nbc [6]
  • Full time on the Today Show 1996 present [6]

Today family

  • He is known to fuel his fellow broadcasters in his Today Family with his special blend of custom-ground coffee that he graciously brews [4]
  • It's not surprising that many of those sending love were younger members of the Today Family and one very special senior star [4]

Today weather

  • Bob ryan first Today Weather anchor [6]
  • Joe witte weekend Today & early Today Weather anchor [6]
  • Willard scott Today Weather anchor [6]


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