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  • Common Ostriches have been farmed in south africa Since the beginning of the 19th century [6]
  • Hence Common Ostriches drink relatively large volumes of water daily and excrete generous quantities of highly concentrated urine [6]
  • Ostriches do not need to drink water Since they get what they need from the plants they eat although they drink if they come to a water hole [1]
  • Since they don't fly Ostriches have lost the stiff strong Wing and tail feathers that flying Birds require [8]
  • A notable exception is the cheetah which is the most prolific predator of adult Common Ostriches Due to its own great running speeds [6]
  • Common Ostriches typically avoid humans in the wild Since they correctly assess humans as potential predators [6]
  • Therefore in Common Ostriches we see use of more energy when compared to smaller Birds in absolute terms but less per unit mass [6]
  • In mammals and Common Ostriches the increase of the glomerular filtration rate gfr and urine flow rate ufr is Due to a high protein diets [6]
  • Because of all of this free land many aerial animals most importantly Birds began to adjust to land life [5]
  • These feather heavy areas such as the body thighs and wings do not usually vary much from ambient temperatures Due to this behavioural controls [6]
  • Many think that the main reason as to why Ostriches cannot fly is Because of their massive weight this is true [5]
  • Thus bmr in Ostriches is particularly low with a value of only 0.113 ml o 2 g h [6]
  • Mitochondrial dna haplotype comparisons suggest that it diverged from the other Ostriches not quite 4 mya Due to formation of the east african rift [6]
  • Ostriches were nearly wiped out in the 18th century Due to the demand for feathers [8]
  • Why not Since the Wing on a Ostrich does not harm the animal there is no selection pressure to remove it from the population [4]

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Ostrich chicks

  • Are fully feathered at hatching and within a few days will leave their nest and follow their parents around [8]
  • Can run at speeds approaching 35 miles per hour 56 kilometers per hour at just a month old [1]

Ostrich is

  • When the Common Ostrich Is breathing normally under no heat stress air flow Is laminar [6]
  • Also the Ostrich Is a ground bird and cannot fly to find Water sources which poses a further challenge [6]
  • When the Common Ostrich Is experiencing heat stress from the environment the air flow Is considered turbulent [6]

Ostrich feathers

  • Experiments thatplaced Ostrich Feathers in streams of air showed they could indeed provide lift which would come in handy for Animals that did fly [2]
  • Throughout the ages Ostrich Feathers have been worn by royalty adorned the helmets of medieval knights and festooned the elaborate hairdos of ladies [1]
  • Unlike most birds’ Feathers Ostrich Feathers are loose soft and smooth [1]
  • Instead Ostrich Feathers are loose and soft [8]

Ostriches have

  • Common Ostriches Have been farmed in south Africa Since the beginning of the 19th century [6]
  • Since they don't fly Ostriches Have lost the stiff strong wing and tail feathers that flying Birds require [8]
  • In comparison to smaller Birds Ostriches Have a lower evaporative Water loss resulting from their small body surface area per unit weight [6]
  • Common Ostriches Have occasionally been seen inhabiting islands on the dahlak archipelago in the red sea near eritrea [6]
  • Common Ostriches Have evolved a 'selective brain cooling' mechanism as a means of thermoregulation [6]
  • Common Ostriches Have inspired cultures and civilizations for 5 000 years in mesopotamia and egypt [6]
  • Adult male Ostriches Have striking black-and-white plumage immature Birds and adult females Have grayish brown feathers [1]
  • Common Ostriches Have developed a comprehensive set of behavioral adaptations for thermoregulation such as altering their feathers [6]

Ostriches live

  • Mostly in desolate desert climates so they have to be pretty flexible in their diet [7]
  • In groups which helps with defense [1]
  • In a mixed society of flocks individuals and families [8]

Ostriches are

  • The world’s largest and heaviest Birds and although they have Wings they Are unable to fly [8]
  • Common Ostriches Are so adaptable that they can be farmed in climates ranging from south Africa to alaska [6]
  • Wings on flightless Ostriches Are used for courtship displays [9]
  • Farm-raised Ostriches Are also harvested for eggs supple leather and gourmet Meat that is lower in cholesterol than beef [1]
  • Common Ostriches Are able to attain their necessary energetic requirements via the oxidation of absorbed nutrients [6]
  • Common Ostriches Are homeothermic endotherms they regulate a constant body temperature via regulating their metabolic heat rate [6]
  • Diurnal but may be active on moonlit nights [6]
  • Uricotelic [6]
  • Baby Ostriches Are covered with a stiff spiky down and don’t begin to show their adult plumage until four months of age [1]
  • Found in the savannas and deserts in areas with short grass which provides food and lets them see long distances [8]

Ostriches eat

  • Things that other Animals can’t digest [1]
  • The seeds of the plants and the insects and small invertebrates stirred up by the herding Animals [8]

Ostriches emus

  • Moas and other flightless Birds of the world evolved flightlessness separately [3]
  • Cassowaries rheas and kiwis can't fly [3]

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