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  • Leaves have Color Because of chemicals called pigments and there are four main types of pigment in each leaf [4]
  • Yellow and orange colors are Due to pigments called carotenoids which are also responsible for the Color in carrots and in corn [5]
  • All these colors are Due to the mixing of varying amounts of the chlorophyll residue and other pigments in the leaf during the fall season [1]
  • These colors are particular to fall Because their pigment is created only when the temperature drops [5]
  • Leaves are green in the spring and summer Because that’s when they are making lots of chlorophyll [4]
  • Consequently autumns with a lot of sunny days and cold nights will actually have the brightest red colors [5]
  • Chlorophyll is important Because it helps plants make energy from sunlight a process called photosynthesis [4]
  • Because plants evolve very slowly we still see the colors [5]
  • When Leaves start to prepare to fall off the trees come winter a layer of cells form along the base of its stalk [5]
  • When Leaves Change Color another pigment becomes visible flavonoids which are responsible for the reds [5]
  • Most of the broad-leaved trees in the north shed their Leaves in the fall [1]
  • Student Research positions [1]
  • In the fall trees put on a pretty impressive fashion show [4]
  • Shorter days in the fall are a signal for trees to start preparing for winter [4]
  • Esf new york's global environmental college science engineering management communications policy design [1]

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  • Most of the broad-leaved Trees In the north shed their Leaves In the Fall [1]
  • While the Leaves In their autumn hues are beautiful the reason behind their transformation is anything but [5]


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