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  • I just want to know how David feels Because living in this limbo itโ€™s kind of a form of torture [6]
  • Shannon beador Divorce details revealed [6]
  • After her Divorce what does Shannon call Andrew [1]
  • Shannon beador photos [6]
  • Moreover David pay Shannon $2 935 per month in child support plus $7 065 for spousal support .. [6]
  • Shannon beador videos [6]
  • You can read more about who receives what in the beador Divorce here [6]
  • Eventually Shannon got what she asked for -- but this information came in the form of David accusing his estranged wife of being a drunk [6]
  • Spreaker podcast radio for mobile [4]
  • Shannon announce her Divorce [3]
  • In march Shannon won joint legal and physical custody of her daughters along $22 500 per month for child and spousal support [6]
  • Among the things Shannon will maintain in the Divorce [6]
  • Software and mobile apps [4]
  • Reads the Divorce judgment [6]
  • Shannon beador [6]

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Shannon beador

  • Divorce details revealed [6]
  • Photos [6]
  • Videos [6]

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