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  • This was Because he had already served seven-and-a-half months on remand Because he hadn’t gone to trial [1]
  • He told the daily star i started taking speed Because it was cheap i was drinking non-stop and i became violent [4]
  • Simmons-turner had been on the run Since may that year when he allegedly attacked two men outside a nightclub in nearby loughton [4]
  • Screen shot Sam Faiers on lorraine dave chatwood jail itv [1]
  • Jibe that Caused row [8]
  • He has been a father-figure for the girls Since he joined their family [1]
  • Sam Faiers opened up on lorraine on august 16th 2019 where she explained that she has a habit of pulling out her eyelashes [1]
  • Sam said when i was younger i was really close to my Dad dave and he went to Prison and got sentenced for a long time and i took that quite hard [6]
  • Sam said the trigger for pulling out her eyelashes was her step-father dave going to Prison [1]
  • Gemma collins has been spotted looking close to the step-dad of Sam and billie Faiers just days after hinting she had found love again [8]
  • Sam and billie Faiers spoke of their shame in 2011 after it emerged their estranged Dad lee was convicted of assault by battery earlier that year [4]
  • Is dave chatwood Sam and billie's biological Dad [2]
  • Billie and Sam who are good friends with gemma - have remained very close to dave over the years [8]
  • Sam Faiers talks eyelash pulling on mummy diaries what is trichotillomania [1]
  • Sam Faiers has opened up about what triggered her eyelash-pulling condition trichotillomania [6]

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