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  • Troy fast becomes a threat to Sheila's husband Mike not Because of Sheila but Because of trina with whom he is having an affair [2]
  • Troy reveals he Married Sheila Because she was able to overcome her pain for him and she Because he was everything Mike was not [6]
  • Sheila is persistent to Get to the retreat Because she wants to make her marriage work [2]
  • He informs her he is having none it and pushes her away in full view of Sheila and diana Thus troy proves his faithfulness without knowing [6]
  • Due to michael jackson's sudden death Film production was halted for a short period of time after which jackson returned to continue with the project [4]
  • Terry and Mike return reporting that the boatride cannot happen Because of heavy rain [6]
  • She also reveals that it had been she who had carefully kept the books balanced and Thus made Mike's business so very profitable [6]
  • Mike tells the men to fix their marriages Because life is too short [4]
  • Reluctantly she agrees then threatens Mike Because as a lawyer she will be taking the case and she plans on destroying Mike in court [6]
  • Poppy gathers troy Sheila diana and terry to talk to them as Mike and trina leave without even saying goodbye [6]
  • Diana is displeased but Sheila tries to convince her it is platonic as trina and Mike talk about things she knows nothing about [6]
  • Terry and troy go to check on Mike and trina as diana gets Sheila still sobbing inconsolably to sit [6]
  • Why did i Get Married is an american play written by tyler perry [6]
  • Tyler perry's why did i Get Married is a 2007 american comedy-drama Film adaptation written produced directed and starring tyler perry [2]
  • Diana asks that they follow tradition and tell their 'why did i Get married' stories and despite Mike's objections terry begins [6]

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Sheila asks

  • If Mike is hungry as they had sat around waiting for Mike and Trina to return rather than eating drawing yet another insult from Mike [6]
  • Trina about the affair and she coldly replies that it did happen [6]

Sheila -

  • Cheryl pepsii riley [6]
  • Kelly price [6]

Sheila then

  • Expresses her intent to harm Trina who backs off while troy and Diana go to the kitchen to start cooking [6]
  • Threatens to kill her should Trina ever approach troy again [6]

Sheila arrives

  • Dianne patricia and angela are shocked when Sheila Arrives and introduces troy as her husband and has successfully lost weight thanks to his help [2]
  • At the retreat house the following morning with troy in tow [2]

Sheila is

  • Persistent to Get to the retreat Because she wants to make her marriage work [2]
  • Sheila walks over to Trina who feigns innocence but Sheila Is clearly not buying it [6]

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