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  • After failing to convince carol to help max defend himself marcus tries to contact Jane who avoids him Because of lauren's warning [2]
  • Because of this Ian changes his mind and decides to take Bobby out of the school [2]
  • He returned to the square five months after Lucy's death and Thus had not been questioned by the police [2]
  • Jane is adamant that she is going to confess to carol that Bobby killed Lucy however Ian persuades her not to [2]
  • Ian later tells kathy that Bobby killed Lucy rebuilding their trust [2]
  • Jane realises that Bobby is responsible as he is holding Lucy's jewellery box the one which she stored cocaine in having used it to hit Lucy with [2]
  • Cindy sends a video message to Bobby informing him that he killed Lucy and that Jane lied [2]
  • Eventually Jane confirms to sharon that Bobby killed Lucy while Ian deletes the email [2]
  • Ian demands to know what happened and covering for Bobby Jane lies and claims to have accidentally killed Lucy during an argument [2]
  • Unaware of his actions though Bobby was convinced by Jane that Lucy was fine and was murdered later that night [5]
  • Ian is inconsolable as he identifies her body and breaks the news to Jane denise cindy Bobby and later peter [2]
  • Bobby protests over Ian and Jane's decision to move him into Lucy's old bedroom while kathy moves into his bedroom [2]
  • Sharon watches the message on Bobby's laptop and hides it from Bobby and later confronts Jane about it [2]
  • Ian and Jane catch lee and Lucy having sex in Ian's restaurant [2]
  • On good friday cindy tells Ian and Jane beale laurie brett to open Lucy's jewellery box [2]

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Lucy goes

  • Into the bathroom to clean herself up and Max tells her that their relationship doesn't have to end but Lucy rebuffs him [2]
  • Home and begins writing a letter in the living room [2]

Lucy begins

  • To walk towards the bus stop texting peter to ask for cocaine he Later buys some but keeps it for himself [2]
  • To walk home and meets abi who expresses her disgust at her relationship with her father and proceeds to slap her [2]

Lucy is

  • Jane checks her pulse and Is distraught to realise that Lucy Is dead [2]
  • Furious with Ian and leaves to find peter [2]
  • Lauren urges her to join them failing to notice that Lucy Is upset while whitney shoots angry glares at her [2]

Ian decides

  • Bobby agrees he should face the Police but Ian Decides that a private boarding school will be another way to help him while keeping the family intact [2]
  • Ian phones the Police but ben pleads his innocence and Ian Decides to not report this development asking Jane to keep the items safe [2]
  • To sell his restaurant to pay for Bobby's schooling which causes protests when it is revealed he is selling to a supermarket chain [2]

Ian beale

  • Lucy Beale hetti bywater decides to set up a letting agency despite cynicism from her father Ian Beale adam woodyatt [2]
  • Played by adam woodyatt [2]

Ian returns

  • Home after sleeping with prostitute rainie cross tanya franks and also leaves a message for Lucy telling her that he's sorry [2]
  • Home looking for Jane while peter return to the vic and drags cindy home [2]

Ian is

  • Inconsolable as he identifies her body and breaks the news to Jane denise cindy Bobby and Later peter [2]
  • Able to get Bobby into boarding school early and Bobby sees this as his punishment for killing Lucy but he Is reassured by kathy [2]
  • Jane Is horrified that he told kathy about Bobby but Ian Is confident she will not say anything to the Police [2]
  • Phil believes that the Police suspect Ian Is hiding something and demands that he tell him what it Is [2]


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