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  • After five successful seasons portraying deputy Barney fife on the Andy griffith show don knotts left Mayberry behind [5]
  • Additionally Barney appeared in the joey bishop show Episode joey's hideaway cabin and unnamed in the first Episode of the new Andy griffith show [1]
  • Fife appeared on the Andy griffith show from the show's beginning in 1960 until 1965 when knotts left the show to pursue a career in feature films [1]
  • According to Andy griffith the character of Barney fife was suggested by don knotts himself [1]
  • Bernard Barney fife is a fictional character in the american television program the Andy griffith show portrayed by comic actor don knotts [1]
  • Perhaps more so than in any other familiar classic television show sheriff Andy deputy Barney fife opie aunt bee goober gomer floyd the barber et [7]
  • Sheriff Andy taylor Andy griffith and his son opie ronnie howard were first seen in a february 1960 Episode of make room for daddy [7]
  • Knotts reprised the character in guest appearances each season until the Andy griffith show left the air in 1968 [1]
  • He was literally dying but he did something or said something that Caused my stepmother and me to go into fits of laughter which is why i ran out [2]
  • In another Episode where he believes he is the descendant of nathan tibbs a Mayberry revolutionary hero he says his name is Barney tibbs fife [1]
  • Because he had suffered a stroke howard macnear who played the barber had trouble standing [7]
  • We didn’t see him a lot Because he worked 10 12 hours a day said karen [2]
  • He had problems with his father and an older brother who tormented him Because they were alcoholics [2]
  • Barney maintains warm relations with Andy's son opie and his aunt bee [1]
  • Episode 25 Andy and Barney in the big city [1]

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Episode 18

  • A visit to Barney fife [1]
  • The legend of Barney fife [1]
  • Andy the marriage counselor [1]
  • The loaded goat [1]
  • Prisoner of love [1]
  • Jailbreak [1]
  • The rehabilitation of otis [1]

Episode 21

  • Barney runs for sheriff [1]
  • Barney hosts a summit meeting [1]
  • Andy and the gentleman crook [1]
  • Opie and the spoiled kid [1]
  • Guest of honor [1]
  • The shoplifters [1]

Episode 19

  • Barney comes to Mayberry [1]
  • Mayberry on record [1]
  • A medal for Opie [1]
  • Class reunion [1]
  • Hot rod otis [1]
  • The lucky letter [1]

Episode 20

  • Andy saves Barney's morale [1]
  • Barney and the choir [1]
  • Goober and the art of love [1]
  • The song festers [1]
  • Rafe hollister sings [1]

Episode 22

  • Andy's vacation [1]
  • The merchant of Mayberry [1]
  • Cyrano Andy [1]
  • If i had a quarter-million dollars [1]
  • The great filling station robbery [1]

Episode 28

  • Andy forecloses [1]
  • The arrest of the fun girls [1]
  • The rivals [1]
  • The return of malcolm merriweather [1]
  • The bookie barber [1]

Episode 29

  • Andy on trial [1]
  • A wife for Andy [1]
  • Quiet sam [1]
  • The luck of newton monroe [1]
  • The rumor [1]

Episode 1

  • Opie loves helen [1]
  • Opie the birdman [1]
  • Opie and the bully [1]
  • Mr [1]
  • The new housekeeper [1]

Episode 2

  • Barney's physical [1]
  • Andy's rich girlfriend [1]
  • Barney's replacement [1]
  • The haunted house [1]
  • The manhunt [1]

Episode 7

  • Andy the matchmaker [1]
  • Crime-free Mayberry [1]
  • A black day for Mayberry [1]
  • Lawman Barney [1]
  • Man in the middle [1]

Barney fife

  • After five successful seasons portraying deputy Barney Fife on the Andy Griffith Show don Knotts left Mayberry behind [5]
  • According to Andy Griffith the character of Barney Fife was suggested by don Knotts himself [1]
  • Bernard Barney Fife is a fictional character in the american television program the Andy Griffith Show portrayed by comic actor don Knotts [1]
  • Perhaps more so than in any other familiar classic television Show sheriff Andy deputy Barney Fife Opie aunt bee goober gomer floyd the barber et [7]
  • Is a deputy sheriff in the slow-paced sleepy southern community of Mayberry north carolina [1]
  • Episode 16 Barney Fife realtor [1]
  • Is outwardly smug and self-important covering up his insecurities and low self-confidence with a display of bravado [1]
  • Calling a police officer or authority figure Barney Fife has become an american slang term for gross ineptitude or overzealousness [1]

Barney is

  • Often frustrated with the primitive technological tools available to the Mayberry sheriff's department [1]
  • Mentioned as residing in a few places during the course of the Show including the raleigh ymca and mrs [1]
  • As a law enforcement officer Barney Is overly officious and insistent on doing things by the book to the point of absurdity [1]


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