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  • Alcatraz was used to hold prisoners who continually Caused trouble at other federal prisons [2]
  • One of the many myths about Alcatraz is that it was impossible to survive a swim from the Island to the mainland Because of sharks [1]
  • Alcatraz had been the site of a fort Since the 1850s the main Prison building was built in 1910 1912 as a united states army military Prison [2]
  • Alcatraz was first explored by juan manuel de ayala in 1775 who called it isla de los alcatraces pelicans Because of all the birds that lived there [5]
  • Prisoners had no privacy in going to the toilet and the toilets would emit a strong stench Because they were flushed with salt water [2]
  • Alcatraz was finally shuttered 51 years ago today not Because it was brutal though it was or Because living conditions were inhumane though they were [4]
  • On january 10 1935 a severe storm Caused a landslide on Alcatraz causing the model industries building to slide [2]
  • In fact the flora of Alcatraz has Since been tended and taken care of in a display to honor the impact that gardening can have [9]
  • Because people tend to know three things about Alcatraz 1 it was brutal 2 no one escaped and lived to tell about it and 3 it’s closed [4]
  • In march 1964 a group of sioux claimed that the Island belonged to them Due to a 100-year-old treaty [5]
  • All of the Prison population including the guards and officials would dine together Thus seating over 250 people [2]
  • Initially Prison officials allowed stroud's bird studies Because it was seen as a constructive use of his time [1]
  • African-americans were segregated from other Inmates in cell designation Due to racial abuse [2]
  • Alcatraz history says that this Island institution was the most expensive to run of any Prison in the country [9]
  • Johnston always entered the dining hall alone and unarmed Due to heavy guarding around him [2]

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Alcatraz federal

  • Penitentiary the one that clint eastwood broke out of and nicolas cage broke into may be dead [4]
  • Penitentiary was conceived as a place to put the worst of the worst [4]
  • Penitentiary [2]

Alcatraz water

  • When the national park service recently rebuilt an Alcatraz Water tower it made sure to repaint the red graffiti that read peace and freedom [3]
  • Tower [2]

Alcatraz is

  • One of the many myths about Alcatraz Is that it was impossible to survive a swim from the Island to the mainland Because of sharks [1]
  • Named for sea birds [3]
  • Today Alcatraz Is a public museum and one of san francisco's major tourist attractions attracting some 1.5 million visitors annually [2]
  • According to this boundless world one plant in particular that grows on Alcatraz Is the agave [9]
  • While the exact meaning Is still debated Alcatraz Is usually defined as meaning pelican or strange bird. [1]
  • California has a reputation for sunny beaches but in the region around san francisco and Alcatraz Is known for being chilly [9]

Alcatraz in

  • Twitchell became a consultant In psychiatry for Alcatraz In january 1934 [2]
  • These men tasked with guarding other men who were deemed dangerous to society grew to know Alcatraz In ways that no one else could [9]

Prison as

  • Major repairs began in 1958 but by 1961 engineers evaluated the Prison As a lost cause [2]
  • He referred to those four years of his life working in the Prison As a total waste of his life [2]

Prison officials

  • Initially Prison Officials allowed stroud's bird studies Because it was seen as a constructive use of his time [1]
  • Shortly thereafter Prison Officials discovered the Escape attempt [1]

Prison in

  • Alcatraz History says that this Island institution was the most expensive to run of any Prison In the country [9]
  • Alcatraz Prison In san francisco bay closes down and transfers its last Prisoners [5]
  • A hospital had originally been installed at Alcatraz during its time as a military Prison In the late 19th century [2]
  • Alcatraz gained notoriety from its inception as the toughest Prison In america considered by many the world's most fearsome Prison of the day [2]
  • Stroud killed a guard tangled with other Inmates and spent 42 of his 54 years In Prison In solitary confinement [2]
  • While robert stroud was serving a manslaughter sentence for killing a bartender In a brawl he fatally stabbed a guard at leavenworth Prison In 1916 [3]
  • However it was by far the most expensive Prison In the united states and many still perceived it as america's most extreme jail [2]

Prison staff

  • Letters received by Inmates were checked by Prison Staff First to see if they could decipher any secret messages [2]
  • American -historama notes that a block was the area where the offices of the Prison Staff were to be found [9]

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