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  • On principle john refused to join the company Because will lowered the health benefits of the Cereal by adding sugar [6]
  • Although Since chroniclers of history spend little time describing Breakfast tracing the origins of favorite dishes is difficult [8]
  • Breakfast choices are likely more habitual Because of the strength of morning routines [8]
  • John harvey Kellogg his invention of Corn flakes was part of his health movement that he called biological living. [4]
  • Corn flakes or cornflakes are a Breakfast Cereal made by toasting flakes of Corn maize [1]
  • Despite creating a product Corn flakes that launched a food craze dr [4]
  • Kellogg and his younger brother will keith Kellogg had figured out how to make a flaked Cereal they called Corn flakes [9]
  • They are made by mixing Corn flakes with honey butter and sugar and baking in patty cases or muffin cups [1]
  • Corn flakes are a packaged Cereal product formed from small toasted flakes of Corn usually served cold with milk and sometimes sugar [1]
  • Corn flakes are one of the most popular Breakfast cereals in the world and for countless people it is an integral part of their morning routine [3]
  • John's brother will Kellogg to produce Corn flakes for the wider public [1]
  • Kellogg saw sugar as corrupting his health food [4]
  • Before Cereal represented an over-sugared overprocessed relationship with food americans viewed Cereal as a health food [8]
  • Cereal and Breakfast foods don’t have a monopoly on animated mascots and zany health claims [8]
  • A variant popular in the uk is chocolate Corn Flake cakes made with Corn flakes dark chocolate golden syrup and butter [1]

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Kellogg to

  • John's brother will Kellogg To produce Corn Flakes for the wider public [1]
  • So if you have ever noticed that your thoughts are particularly wholesome while having your morning Cereal then you have mr Kellogg To thank [3]
  • Spread his gospel of biologic living [4]

Kellogg who

  • John Kellogg Who believed Sugar was unhealthy had argued vehemently against using it as an ingredient in cornflakes [7]
  • In 1906 will keith Kellogg Who served as the business manager of the sanitarium decided to try to mass-market the new Food [1]
  • Patented his creation but failed to prevent others from copying it yet just a few companies dominate the market [8]

Cereal was

  • Sugar-coated Cereal Was making money for other companies so Kellogg Was going to produce them too [7]
  • Sugar is sweet and so is money the moral dilemma posed by sugar-coated Cereal Was nothing compared to the debate it engendered at Kellogg [7]
  • Co-branding Cereal Was the game [9]
  • The bridge the dietetic remedy to keep americans’ diets from leading them to sin [4]

Cereal at

  • In his lectures he explained how people could make Cereal At home [4]
  • London cafe’s Cereal At $5 a bowl sets off wrath [9]
  • During his lectures he explained how people could make their own Cereal At home [8]

Cereal in

  • Before Cereal In mid-1800s america Breakfast was not all that different from other meals [8]
  • They would become the best-selling Cereal In america worth about $1 billion In sales In 2015 [9]

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