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  • Chelsea fc categorically refutes sic the findings of the fifa disciplinary committee and will therefore be appealing the decision the club said [8]
  • Accordingly the fifa decision remains in force. [4]
  • So far fifa has refused to freeze the Transfer Ban during the appeal process a decision which left Chelsea astonished [5]
  • Chelsea were 'astonished' by fifa's decision to deny their request to freeze the club's two-transfer-window Ban during the appeal [5]
  • In march fifa banned Chelsea from registering new players for the next two Transfer windows through to january 2020 [5]
  • Why have Chelsea been hit with a Transfer Ban 2 [3]
  • Chelsea will look to exhaust all avenues in their bid to have the Ban overturned but with the summer Transfer window underway time is running out [4]
  • As mentioned the Transfer Ban that has been imposed on Chelsea is scheduled to last for the next two consecutive registration windows [3]
  • Can Chelsea appeal the Transfer Ban 3 [3]
  • Q so Chelsea would go into this summer knowing they would likely have a one- or two-window Transfer Ban coming up [1]
  • Frank lampard might soon have a much stronger side at his disposal if Chelsea's Transfer Ban is lifted ahead of the winter Transfer window [10]
  • It’s no secret that chelsea’s forays into the Transfer market have been poor of late but is a Ban on buying players exactly what maurizio sarri needs [9]
  • Chelsea’s Transfer Ban forces club to make major decisions on recruitment dominic fifield [8]
  • So it's not easy Because the level of the top two is very very high. [2]
  • Friends have ‘stopped inviting’ meg & harry to parties Because of 'their pdas’ [10]

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Chelsea are

  • Confident they can still escape the Ban and will be able to strengthen their squad come new year [10]
  • Yes Chelsea Are allowed to contest the decision reached by Fifa by bringing their case before the Fifa appeal committee [3]
  • Accused of having played youngsters -- most of them kids on trial -- in their youth teams without registering them [1]
  • By no means alone when it comes to this sort of breach and some of the world's biggest clubs have previously been implicated [3]

Chelsea were

  • 'astonished' by Fifa's decision to deny their request to freeze the Club's two-transfer-window Ban during the appeal [5]
  • Once fifa’s disciplinary committee decided that Chelsea Were guilty it was no surprise that it chose to Ban them for two windows [8]
  • Charged after Fifa said it found breaches in 29 cases of 92 investigated [5]
  • Found guilty in 29 of those cases [8]

Chelsea won't

  • Basically even if the Ban were to take effect on july 1 which it almost certainly Won't Chelsea Won't be lacking for numbers [1]
  • Q let's see Chelsea Won't be able to sign anybody new until the 2020-21 season that's got to be a massive blow [1]

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