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  • Since 2 weeks or so it’s impossible for me to update Apps on Iphone or ipad [5]
  • Please help .since long days i have some issues of Iphone 6s plus i cannot update any software at the moment [4]
  • When it comes to Iphone and ipad how to’s we usually list these two solutions Because they can be effective if nothing else works [5]
  • This post addresses a problem on the apple Iphone 6s plus iphone6splus in which the user is unable to Download or update Apps on the phone [10]
  • Another common solution to many problemsin ios 12 or 11 is to update to the latest version of the ios which may solve the issue Caused by system bugs [2]
  • At times to fix the error if you can’t Download Apps on Iphone all you need to do is sign out and then sign in with your apple id again [9]
  • These are recommended methods to troubleshoot and fix issue on Apps Download or update with the Iphone 6s plus based on the possible causes [10]
  • If you find cannot connect to App store on your device screen when you are Download and install Apps fix it first [2]
  • Now run App store to Download Apps to check the problem is solved or not [2]
  • If your ipad or iphoneapps won’t Download keeps saying waiting there might be a problem with the App store server [5]
  • My Iphone 6 does no want to update or Download new Apps its asking payment details so i add my credit card details but it says invalid payment method [5]
  • If you are connected to a wi-fi network and your ipad or Iphone won’t update or Download Apps tapping on renew lease can solve the problem [5]
  • I have same problem with my Iphone 6 plus i do all step but dont get any updates on my Iphone App store what to do plz solve this [5]
  • Phone settings restrictions enabled settings on the Iphone that restricts Download or update to certain Apps [10]
  • This article provides best solutions if you can’t Download Apps on Iphone or update Apps on it. [9]

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Iphone xr

  • I’ve tried everything my Iphone Xr will not save changes to billing information and it seems to have an old visa old contact info stored [4]
  • Guide [10]

Iphone factory

  • Solution how to manage Iphone Factory reset [2]
  • Solution how to manage Iphone Factory reset 2017-12-19 08 30 35 [2]

Iphone 7

  • I have an Iphone 7 128gb and have over 1000 Apps installed on my Iphone [5]
  • I can’t Download snapchat or instagram on my Iphone 7 and i did the steps already [5]
  • Toggling off on airplane worked on my new Iphone 7 which had been restored from my prev Iphone 6 backup [5]
  • Problems [9]

Iphone ipad

  • If Apps don't load or Update on your Iphone Ipad or ipod touch learn what to do [1]
  • Connect your Iphone Ipad to your computer [5]

App is

  • Then press home where ever the App Is located click on it to re-download the App but this time once downloaded it will be the updated version [4]
  • That said clearing cache on the App Store App Is also recommended [10]
  • Now Update and after the App Is completely updated sync your device and install the updated app. [9]
  • Another thing you can do if the App Is slow or not showing new appsis to clear its cache [5]
  • An App Is causing the issue [5]

App on

  • I couldn’t Update the facebook App On my Iphone 6 so i uninstalled it then tried to install it again but it’s not working [5]
  • Open the Settings App On the Iphone or ipad [4]


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