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  • An announcement or at least a threat from a major business to leave Britain Because of Brexit is a regular occurrence [4]
  • Officially the uk is Due to leave the Eu on 31 october 2019 [2]
  • Lee that right now uk carmakers can pretty safely assume they can sell their cars in any Eu country Because everyone has the same standards [3]
  • Consequently uk prime minister theresa may triggered article 50 on 29 march 2017 starting the process of british withdrawal from the European union [7]
  • Why the big hurry Because of difficulties surrounding the transport of animals from Eu countries in the event of a no-deal Brexit [6]
  • May’s deal not Because they liked it but Because they believed it might be their only chance to avoid a soft Brexit or remaining in the bloc [4]
  • In addition the remain campaign focused very heavily on the 'risk' posed by Brexit but analysis in the time Since shows this may have been a mistake [7]
  • People are having sex Because of Brexit not people [6]
  • Brexit was Due to happen on 29 march 2019 [2]
  • People who had lost out from globalization or felt discomforted by immigration voted leave Because they felt they had little to lose from doing so.' [7]
  • Already one European zoo has refused to send over an oryx Because they feared they might not get it back [6]
  • Britain will hold a referendum on june 23on whether to remain part of the European union or to leave it [8]
  • Dominic cummings campaign director of vote leave wrote in the spectator in january 2017 on how the Brexit referendum was won [7]
  • Vote leave claimed that the uk sends £350 million to the Eu every week [7]
  • Britain voted thursday to leave the European union a decision that surprised many and one whose consequences still aren’t totally clear [3]

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Eu explained

  • Share all sharing options for Brexit why Britain left the Eu Explained with a simplecartoon [3]
  • Why Britain left the Eu Explained with a simple cartoon [3]

Eu notification

  • Uk invocation of article 50 Eu Notification of withdrawal act 2017 [7]
  • Of withdrawal act 2017 [7]

Eu referendum

  • Presidential election trump already made similar statements prior to the Eu Referendum and immediately afterwards [7]
  • Terms of withdrawal from Eu Referendum bills [7]
  • Result [2]
  • 2013 14 Eu Referendum bill unsuccessful [7]
  • 2015 Eu Referendum act 2016 gibraltar [7]
  • Leading up to and during the Eu Referendum campaign and the sun were all pro-leave [7]

Brexit negotiations

  • In 2017 [7]
  • In 2019 [7]
  • In 2018 [7]

Brexit was

  • Due to happen on 29 march 2019 [2]
  • It’s vital to understand that Brexit Was a Vote against the british elite [1]
  • Coined by the economist magazine in 2012 [8]

Brexit the

  • That’s Brexit The Vote that happened yesterday [3]
  • Movie [7]

Brexit is

  • An announcement or at least a threat from a major business to Leave Britain Because of Brexit Is a regular occurrence [4]
  • Opposition mps say won't back an election until the law aimed at blocking a no-deal Brexit Is implemented [2]
  • You mean Brexit Is giving captive species the horn to be fair a lot of them had horns already [6]


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