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  • Because you are in a rolls-royce it’s likely that you are being chauffeured and you may never even touch a Door handle [6]
  • She must have pulled up on the handle Because whack the Door flew open backwards and the handle pulled her out of the car [8]
  • Another urban legend maintains that 1930s gangsters liked the Door design Because it made pushing someone out of a moving car easier [6]
  • On the other hand some drivers are enthusiastic about Suicide Doors by their original name associating them with tradition and retro style [5]
  • Because of the position of the Door it’s almost as if your driver is forced to step aside and make way for you in the exercise of opening it [6]
  • After world war ii the use of Suicide Doors was mostly limited to Rear Doors of four-door sedans [1]
  • When you show up in the rolls-royce dawn the Suicide Doors swing open and you have arrived [6]
  • Suicide Doors usually refer to Doors hinged at the Rear that open outwards in the opposite direction compared to conventional Doors [2]
  • Suicide Doors are more prevalent in the world of concept cars and custom car trade [2]
  • Rear passenger Suicide Doors had long been used on austin fx4 hackney carriages [1]
  • Rolls-royce calls them coach Doors and volvo pointedly has no name saying only that the Doors are hinged at the Rear instead of the front [5]
  • Reintroducing independent Suicide Doors rolls releases the phantom [4]
  • Other car manufacturers which have produced models with Suicide Doors include citroën lancia opel panhard rover saab saturn škoda and volkswagen [1]
  • German goggomobil saloons and coupes had two Door bodies with Suicide Doors until these were changed to front-hinged in 1964 [1]
  • In 2003 the new rolls-royce phantom sold in the united kingdom reintroduced independent Suicide Doors in luxury vehicle applications [1]

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Doors have

  • Despite its name Suicide Doors Have a few advantages compared to conventional Doors [2]
  • Why don't all Doors Have swinging Hinges [8]

Doors in

  • In 2003 the new rolls-royce phantom sold In the united kingdom reintroduced independent Suicide Doors In luxury vehicle applications [1]
  • However the trend of Suicide Doors In trucks slowly died down with the last truck sold with Suicide Doors being the 2002 toyota tundra [2]
  • New models are arriving In showrooms with Doors In this old-time design -- hinged at the Rear the opposite of the usual current practice [5]

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