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  • I got kicked off my high school volleyball team Because i was too Fat [5]
  • I had been playing volleyball Since i was in elementary school and i was pretty good at it [5]
  • If you get pissed off at the hammer -- like i always do at every practice Because it just never goes the way it's supposed to -- you tense up [5]
  • Because he wasn’t into girls who were bigger like me said winger 30 who is 6 feet tall and 185 pounds [3]
  • I kind of have to make myself stick to a plan Because if i don’t stay on top of it i won’t eat as much as i should he said [7]
  • He said that Since rio he’s been lazy by his own measure dropping from 295 to about 285 pounds [7]
  • Then a bigger car even if it's a great luxury vehicle it looks horrible she said Because it's not theright size. [3]
  • It's still hard Because the vast majority of people 30 and older will still say to women 'oh you should lose 10 pounds ' he said [3]
  • Fat-free mass body Fat and bone mineral density were not altered after the training period [1]
  • It's unflavored so i'll put a full scoop into my mashed potatoes and just mix it up [5]
  • Eight national-level Shot put athletes followed their individual training programs for a period of 12 wk aiming at the national indoor championship [1]
  • Hammer throw is essentially like a Shot put on a wire [5]
  • I don't think it's super healthy to be so focused on what somebody else's perception of you is she said [3]
  • Shot put performance with the rotational style as well as from the power position was determined before and after this 12 wk period [1]
  • Shot put from the power position was increased by 3% p = .03 while Shot put with the rotational style was increased by 6.5% p .01 [1]

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