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  • People always tend to think that athletes can eat whatever and whenever they want Because they’re burning so many calories [2]
  • Then a bigger car even if it's a great luxury vehicle it looks horrible she said Because it's not theright size. [4]
  • I finished my master’s degree in one year so that was tough on training and eating Because you have eight hours of class a day [2]
  • Since 1957 gq has inspired men to look sharper and live smarter with its unparalleled coverage of style culture and beyond [2]
  • Because he wasn’t into girls who were bigger like me said winger 30 who is 6 feet tall and 185 pounds [4]
  • That was the only thing we could find Because i didn’t leave the stadium and finish with media and get back to see my family until 3 a.m [2]
  • So i really like cooking myself especially Because i can kind of make it to my own proportions and do my own meal prep [2]
  • I’ve actually been trying to put an emphasis on eating more healthy fats in the morning Because i’m terrible about breakfast [2]
  • It's still hard Because the vast majority of people 30 and older will still say to women 'oh you should lose 10 pounds ' he said [4]
  • Fat-free mass body Fat and bone mineral density were not altered after the training period [1]
  • There are times that i really feel like i am training when i’m trying to eat dinner [2]
  • So for helping me recover i’ll eat some carbs right after i finish as well as a lot of protein [2]
  • Body composition was determined before and after the training period with dual x-ray absorptiometry [1]
  • You have to eat what your body needs at that point of the day [2]
  • So even if you weren’t this olympic gold medal winning Shot put superstar i‘d imagine that you’d have to consume a lot of food anyways [2]

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