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  • Why is the cloth Green the chalk blue cloth is Green Because grass is Green [2]
  • Chalk is blue Because well it was more popular than the Green chalk [2]
  • Historians agree that Green was originally used Because billiards descends from a long line of outdoor games involving sticks and balls [2]
  • Most bar Tables which get lots of play use the slower thicker blended felt Because it is cheaper [3]
  • Chalk remains blue today Because of carr’s short con at least that’s the legend and the story to tell even if it’s not true [2]
  • Must Table tennis and billiards Tables be only Green in color why what is wrong with other colors like black [4]
  • Eastpoint brighton Pool Table has a Green cloth surface [6]
  • Historically Green was the predominant color for billiard cloth as pocket billiards originated from lawn games which were played on a Green lawn [4]
  • This is mostly Because snooker uses balls of a smaller diameter and smaller pocket entrances than Pool [3]
  • Due to the high volume of feedback we are unable to respond to individual comments [6]
  • There are novelty billiard Tables often for Pool that come in various shapes including zig-zag circular and especially for bumper Pool hexagonal [3]
  • On snooker and english billiards Tables the pocket entries are rounded while Pool Tables have sharp knuckles [3]
  • Classic sport 87 brighton Pool Table Green cloth [6]
  • These are the sizes used by internationally standardised blackball and the amateur world eightball Pool federation as well as informal pub Pool [3]
  • There`s only one small flaw in the felt Due to a kitten [6]

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Pool tables

  • On snooker and english Billiards Tables the pocket entries are rounded while Pool Tables have sharp knuckles [3]
  • Small Pool Tables may use only one or two pieces of slate while carom english Billiards and tournament-size Pool Tables use three [3]
  • Home Pool Tables which often lack a ball-return system are commonly either 4×8ft or 3.5×7ft models a medium between 3×6ft [3]
  • Come in different sizes typically referred to as 9-foot 2.7m 8.5ft 2.6m 8ft 2.4m or 7ft 2.1m Tables [3]

Table with

  • Traditional claw leg Billiard Table With parlor style drop pockets [6]
  • Traditional claw leg Billiard Table With parlor-style drop pockets [6]

Table is

  • A Billiard Table or Billiards Table Is a bounded Table on which cue sports are played [3]
  • In all cases the Table Is rectangular with a 2 1 ratio e.g [3]

Table for

  • I`ve owned this Table For about ten years i`m now looking to replace it with the same model [6]
  • I highly recommend this Table For the price it`s served us well [6]

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