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  • California Gas Prices are also significantly affected by two other factors [1]
  • San diego kgtv -- Gas Prices in southern California continue to rise sharply as Prices throughout the rest of the u.s [4]
  • Oil Prices are climbing but that only accounts for about one-quarter of the recently higher Gas Prices american drivers have been facing he said [2]
  • I think oil is Going to continue to be a pressure point behind Gas Prices this summer dehaan said [2]
  • This has been the most rapid runup seasonally that weโ€™ve seen Since 2012 and it may soon outpace 2012 [2]
  • White is an nbc News contributor who writes about business finance and the economy [2]
  • Why are Gas Prices Going up liz kreutz connects the dots [3]
  • Another factor driving up Gas Prices is ethanol a corn-based fuel refiners are required to mix into summertime gasoline blends [2]
  • I think they probably get relief in may or june but youโ€™re Going to see a lot of $4 Gas in California this week and next week kloza said [2]
  • Yes gasoline Prices are rising across the nation but if California hits $4 per gallon consumers have their own state taxes and regulations to blame [5]
  • If so $4 Gas in California will not be very far behind [1]
  • Gas Prices in other western states like washington oregon and nevada also have escalated sharply [2]
  • Last year Gas Prices topped out at $2.98 at the outset of memorial day weekend [2]
  • A trifecta of issues is causing Gas Prices to surge dehaan said [2]
  • More rising Gas Prices eat into your tax cuts [1]

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  • Sap concur Brandvoice How ai is rebooting Business travel [5]
  • Aws Brandvoice How to thrive in today's disrupted media markets [5]


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