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  • O'connor released her cover of Nothing compares 2 u in 1990 [8]
  • Melvoin learned years later that O'connor had heard and loved the family's record and wanted to cover the Song herself [8]
  • Sinéad O'connor Music and lyrics lead vocals producer mixing [1]
  • Speaking about her relationship with Prince in an interview with norwegian station nrk in november 2014 O'connor said [1]
  • Prince's official Music Video for Nothing compares 2 u [5]
  • Nothing compares 2 u rose to number one for four weeks holding off a twin challenge from dance acts technotronic and black box in the process [1]
  • Nothing compares 2 u entered the irish singles chart on january 11 1990 reaching number one two weeks later [1]
  • Nothing compares 2 u is a Song written and composed by Prince for the family and the Song was featured on their eponymous album the family [1]
  • Then sinéad O'connor asked to record the Song [8]
  • One day He went into a room with a notebook and within an hour emerged with the lyrics to Nothing compares 2 u [2]
  • Prince recorded Nothing compares 2 u at the flying cloud drive warehouse in eden prairie minnesota with his longtime engineer susan rogers [4]
  • Joseph O'connor brother [1]
  • Prince released his own rendition of Nothing compares 2 u with rosie gaines on guest vocals [1]
  • That includes Prince's demo of Nothing compares 2 u which his estate released last year [8]
  • O'connor has said that her tears were real [1]


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Prince was

  • The ultimate social worker for his Music melvoin said [8]
  • The most courageous person i ever met rogers explains [2]

Video gefällt

  • Dieses Video Gefällt dir nicht [5]
  • Dieses Video Gefällt dir [5]

Video of

  • Musician’s estate shares previously unreleased version with rare Video Of rehearsal footage [4]
  • Mtv Video Of the year award [1]


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