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  • Read about George washington and the French and Indian war [10]
  • During 1754 and 1755 the French won a string of victories defeating in quick succession the young George washington gen [1]
  • With the exception of new orleans france surrendered all of its north american possessions east of the mississippi to the British [3]
  • George washington served as a colonel in the provincial militia during the war [10]
  • History world - history of the French and Indian war [4]
  • George washington struck the war’s first blow [1]
  • West doug 2016 French and Indian war a short history 30 minute book series [2]
  • Ohio history central - French and Indian war [4]
  • Between the French and British colonists large areas were dominated by Indian tribes [2]
  • Their fear of foreigners both French and Indian subsided the British turned their attention to the colonies [3]
  • Many British soldiers were massacred as france's Indian allies violated the terms of the British surrender and killed around 150 British soldiers [10]
  • French and British forts and settlements Indian tribes [2]
  • In one piece of good fortune some French supply ships did manage to depart france and elude the British blockade of the French coast [2]
  • Battle of Fort oswego 1756 - the French captured the British Fort oswego and took 1 700 prisoners captive [10]
  • Word of the British military plans leaked to france well before braddock's departure for north america [2]


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French forces

  • In the battle of Fort bull French Forces destroyed the Fort and large quantities of supplies including 45 000 pounds of gunpowder [2]
  • British Forces defeated French Forces in india and in 1759 British armies invaded and conquered canada [5]
  • In the ohio valley also continued to intrigue with indians throughout the area encouraging them to raid frontier settlements [2]

British forces

  • Seized French caribbean islands spanish cuba and the philippines [5]
  • Defeated French Forces in india and in 1759 British armies invaded and conquered canada [5]

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