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  • Campaign signs battle for attention during the Special Election between democrat dan Mccready and republican dan bishop in North Carolina [7]
  • Dan Mccready the democratic party nominee in the 2018 Election ran again and faced no primary opposition [1]
  • Dan bishop and marine veteran dan Mccready are vying tuesday to represent North carolinaโ€™s 9th district in congress [3]
  • According to federal Election commission filings omar donated $2 000 to Mccready on nov [7]
  • Dan Mccready former u.s [1]
  • This year Mccready has focused on health care pledging to fix the 2010 affordable care act [7]
  • There was also a Special Election in North carolina's 3rd congressional district after gop Representative walter jones jr.'s death in february [6]
  • Ken goodman commissioner of the North Carolina industrial commission and former State Representative [1]
  • Gene mclaurin former State Senator and former mayor of rockingham North Carolina [1]
  • North Carolina holds Special Election for last house seat of 2018 [6]
  • Dan Mccready d for congress [1]
  • 2019 North Carolina elections [1]
  • Mccready acknowledged the closeness of this race at a campaign event in cumberland county on sunday [6]
  • Ilhan omar d-minn. whose money Mccready returned [7]
  • Wayne goodwin chairman of the North Carolina democratic party and former North Carolina commissioner of insurance [1]


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  • Dan bishop
  • Harris
  • Dan mccready
  • Charlotte
  • Mark harris
  • Donald trump
  • John bolton
  • Robert pittenger
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Representative d-ca

  • And chairman of the house intelligence committee [1]
  • And chairman of the united states house permanent select committee on intelligence [1]

Representative endorsed

  • Brawley Former State Representative Endorsed dan bishop [1]
  • Dean arp State Representative Endorsed dan bishop [1]
  • Matthew ridenhour [1]

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