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  • Many fans expected Holzhauer to unseat Jeopardy ’s winningest contestant ken jennings who earned $2 522 700 in a 74-game winning streak in 2004 [3]
  • It’s just the latest Jeopardy milestone for Holzhauer who has been a wrecking ball on the factoid competition show for nearly eight weeks [4]
  • Jeopardy shocker james Holzhauer loses after 32-day winning streak [1]
  • After 32 consecutive victories Jeopardy champion james Holzhauer ’s record-breaking winning streak has come to an end [3]
  • Holzhauer won his 32ndgame on friday which brought his total earnings to $2 462 216 [5]
  • Jeopardy has taped several more weeks’ worth of episodes so Holzhauer might ascend further among the game’s all-timers [4]
  • Just like all top Jeopardy contestants Holzhauer had an impressive knack for trivia [3]
  • Many viewers expected Holzhauer to beat ken jennings' Jeopardy record [5]
  • Breaking Jeopardy champ james Holzhauer loses on monday’s episode yqrqdl2zp0 [5]
  • While Holzhauer was unable to beat jennings' record He did win an average of $77 000 per Game which was more than double that of jennings' rate [5]
  • Throughout his time on the show Holzhauer set the record for the most money won in one episode [5]
  • Emma boettcher the chicago-area librarian who beat Holzhauer racked up $46 801 for the easy win [3]
  • Jeopardy 's ratings steadily increased during Holzhauer's winning streak [5]
  • She frequently beat Holzhauer to the buzzer and sought out daily doubles a true Holzhauer protégé [3]
  • I’ll take ‘jeopardy winnings’ for $2 million alex. the answer is james Holzhauer [4]


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Game on

  • Holzhauer won his 32ndgame On friday which brought his total earnings to $2 462 216 [5]
  • In fact his 32-game winning streak comes to an end in his 33rd Game On monday [5]

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