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  • Cliff said he's not a guy to make Big moves and if nicole had gone home and He won Hoh He would probably have put up kat and jess [4]
  • Big Brother spoilers kat and cliff's elimination may not be so cut and dry after all [4]
  • Up in the Hoh room Cliff tells kathryn jessica and nicole that He won’t target anyone who has already been on the block [7]
  • Nick is relieved that Cliff will likely target two of the six people who just evicted him even though nick was the one who put him on the block [7]
  • Earlier Cliff told jessica milagros that people who have been on the block so far shouldn't have to worry this week [4]
  • Cliff won Hoh [4]
  • Later michie goes up to the Hoh room to try and manipulate Cliff into doing what He wants [7]
  • Yes it's a Big week for Cliff [4]
  • 1 14 pm Cliff and tommy tommy we are on the same page i want to pump the brakes a little bit [6]
  • Cliff i have respect for you and your game Cliff goes on about being happy to coordinate and get certain people to the end tommy umm. [6]
  • That’s a lot of if’s michie christie tells michie she’s willing to give him her diamond power of veto if He wins but they have to get Cliff on board [7]
  • In the diary room Cliff says michie doesn’t intimidate him and He doesn’t plan on doing what He wants [7]
  • Cliff was at least weighing the option of jack as a target as of friday morning but He hadn't settled on anything at that point [4]
  • As nick places the Hoh necklace around cliff’s neck Cliff tells nick not to worry [7]
  • They know Cliff will target one of their former alliance members and they don’t plan on doing anything to stop it [7]


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  • Cliff
  • John oliver
  • Jack
  • Michie
  • Christie
  • Nick
  • Stephen colbert full frontal
  • Tommy
  • Jackson
  • Holly

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