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  • Christie is concerned that if Holly Wins this will just turn into michie’s Hoh [4]
  • Michie plans to give his thoughts to Holly about who She should nominate and nick is trying to steer clear of her wrath [4]
  • Finally analyse drops and Holly is the new Hoh [4]
  • As the houseguests recover from the excruciating Hoh competition it sinks in with Holly that she’s about to get her hands dirty [4]
  • 8 30 p.m. at this point analyse Holly kathryn and michie remain in the Hoh competition [4]
  • He also guarantees Holly and michie they won’t go on the block if He Wins next week [4]
  • Holly is thrilled to show that she’s a competitor [4]
  • Tonight on big brother 21 live eviction & endurance Hoh [3]
  • Holly knows the six shooters will eventually turn on each other but it’s not time right now [4]
  • 8 59 p.m. it’s time for the nomination ceremony Holly has decided to put nick and sam on the block [4]
  • He wants to distance himself from nick and lets Holly and michie know He can help them moving forwards [4]
  • Tonight on big brother 21 live eviction & Hoh [3]
  • Sam has never talked game with Holly but figures now is the time [4]
  • Eventually michie goes down and kathryn offers to drop if Holly and analyse agree not to put her on the block [4]
  • At this point the three of them don’t want to work with Holly and michie anymore [4]


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  • Holly
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  • Stephen colbert full frontal
  • Jack
  • Nick
  • Sam
  • Jackson
  • Veto
  • Jason bateman
  • Anthony

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