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  • Big Brother spoilers kat and cliff's elimination may not be so cut and dry after all [7]
  • Cliff with one of the greatest bigbrother celebrations of all time bb21 wxnfpyar3f [5]
  • Cliff said he's not a guy to make Big moves and if nicole had gone home and He won hoh He would probably have put up kat and jess [6]
  • Cliff selected the correct answer before jack becoming the new Head of Household [5]
  • Yes it's a Big week for Cliff [6]
  • Well Cliff hogg iii certainly has a lot of updates to share in his next too-loud morning message [6]
  • Therefore Cliff went to reevaluate who He would put up because He does not wish for christie to use her power [5]
  • Cliff was at least weighing the option of jack as a target as of friday morning but He hadn't settled on anything at that point [6]
  • Earlier Cliff told jessica milagros that people who have been on the block so far shouldn't have to worry this week [6]
  • Gr8ful tried to make it clear that most of the house wants nick and bella out to try and sway Cliff in that direction [6]
  • It's also unlikely nick would take out his buddy sam smith who saved Cliff from the block in the first week [6]
  • Michie then tried to get in good graces with the houseguest He banished the first episode and voted to evict last week Cliff but He isn’t buying it [5]
  • Cliff did tell the camera there are targets in the house now and we're going to play a slightly different game for this week [6]
  • Before the nomination ceremony Cliff told jess and kat that He was considering christie and tommy and jack and analyse talavera as nominee options [6]
  • However by late friday afternoon -- before the nomination ceremony -- Cliff did tell nicole He was leaning toward jack matthews as a target [6]


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  • Nick
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  • Michie
  • Christie
  • Stephen colbert full frontal
  • Holly
  • Kaycee
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