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  • Jamie’s departure last Week left 11 bakers in gbbo who had to Bake their loaves under the watchful eye of Paul hollywood and prue leith [4]
  • Great british Bake off Paul hollywood slammed by baker over remark [4]
  • Week six dessert - steph blackwell kicked off with an eton mess which of course Paul and prue loved [6]
  • Gbbo 2019 ex contestant reveals ‘unexpected’ side to Paul hollywod [2]
  • Great british Bake off 2019 who left Bake off this Week in Week 2 [4]
  • Great british Bake off 2019 this Week saw the bakers tackle biscuits but one crumbled under the pressure [2]
  • Great british Bake off 2019 this Week saw the 11 bakers tackle bread [4]
  • After a number of bap-inspired innuendos prue and Paul returned to judge the bakers’ burgers [4]
  • Paul and prue set the bakers the challenge of making a tear and share loaf with yeasted dough [4]
  • It’s not as easy as you think Paul warned before setting the challenge of eight burger baps [4]
  • Who left the great british Bake off in Week three third contestant to go revealed [5]
  • Bake off 2019 who is new great british Bake off contestant henry [2]
  • Jamie had another bad day when his guitar didn't strike a chord with Paul and prue [2]
  • Alice meanwhile led the technical with Paul saying they were baked almost perfectly [2]
  • Great british Bake off 2019 airs tuesdays at 8pm on channel 4 [4]


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