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  • On march 31 2005 the unsc issued security council resolution 1593 which referred Al-bashir to the Icc [8]
  • Under International law heads of state such as Al-bashir enjoy various privileges including immunity from criminal jurisdiction [8]
  • Either way while Al-bashir may well be tried in sudan He is unlikely ever to face justice on the International stage [8]
  • This led to a number of african states refusing to arrest and surrender Al-bashir to the Icc [8]
  • As some au member states are also state parties to the rome statute they have a duty to arrest and surrender Al-bashir to the Icc [8]
  • Despite the arrest warrants Al-bashir won presidential elections in 2010 and 2015 and continued to travel around the region and further afield [8]
  • In 1992 zimbabwe was admitted as the ninth full member of the International Cricket council full member [3]
  • Indeed Al-bashir has regularly visited other african states without being arrested [8]
  • Sponsorship and television rights of the World cup brought in over us$1.6 billion between 2007 and 2015 by far the Icc's main source of income [3]
  • Consequently sudan is almost certainly going to take matters into its own hands and try Al-bashir in its domestic courts [8]
  • Icc Cricket World program [3]
  • Icc u-19 Cricket World cup [3]
  • Icc Cricket World cup [3]
  • Icc women's Cricket World cup [3]
  • International Cricket council Icc [3]


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