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  • He was also good friends with donald trump who described Epstein to new york magazine in 2002 as someone who enjoys his social life. [10]
  • Epstein who owns a new york city mansion and an island in the caribbean was being held at the federal lockup in manhattan ahead of his court date [9]
  • One woman who said Epstein molested her was Found dead of a heroin overdose last year leaving behind a young son [10]
  • Epstein for the new york observer in 1994 but stopped reporting after She was thrown out of his townhouse and threatened [4]
  • Epstein also held her sibling’s hand at a new york movie theater where He was rubbing her in a sexual manner without my knowledge farmer added [9]
  • A strange thing happened when Jeffrey Epstein came back to new york city after being branded a sex offender his reputation appeared to rise [4]
  • Epstein was born in 1953 in the new york city borough of brooklyn to jewish parents pauline née stolofsky 1918 2004 and seymour g [1]
  • Memorably several former students told the new york times that Epstein was overly familiar with teenage girls at the school [6]
  • Collectively these documents constitute just a glance at the way society opened itself to Epstein in new york hollywood and palm beach [6]
  • He is amazing kosslyn said of Epstein in a 2002 new york profile [6]
  • Epstein and trump socialized both in new york city and palm beach where they both had houses [1]
  • In an april 2019 affidavit a woman named maria farmer said She met Epstein and maxwell sometime in 1995 at one of farmer’s art shows in new york [9]
  • She said that when She began working for Epstein He flew her to new york on his private jet and molested her at his manhattan mansion [9]
  • In addition to Epstein the new york case seemed like it could potentially lead to charges against some of those associates. [10]
  • Epstein told the new york post in 2011 [4]


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Epstein &

  • Co. which supposedly only managed the fortunes of billionaires [9]
  • Company [1]
  • Co [1]
  • Co. later called financial trust co [5]

Epstein a

  • Writer employed by his foundation churned out the News releases and drew hendricks the supposed author of A forbes story calling Mr [4]
  • Jeffrey Epstein A billionaire served time in jail and is now A registered sex offender he said [5]
  • Friend into screenings and events [4]
  • Sex offender [4]
  • Former math teacher even popped up for lunchtime discussions among scientists at A harvard cafeteria dr [4]

Epstein has

  • Reportedly bragged that he’s the One who introduced melania to her future husband [6]
  • Jeffrey Epstein Has told me that he Has slept with over 1 000 of brunel’s girls and everything that i have seen confirms this claim giuffre stated [9]
  • Also rented multiple apartment units for his employees models and guests since the 1990s at 301 east 66th street [1]
  • Long been known for his wealth and his predilection for young girls [10]

Epstein made

  • At bear stearns Epstein Made a Name for himself in the special-products division essentially figuring out how to help the rich pay less taxes [6]
  • Many out-of-court settlements with alleged victims [1]
  • Millions in fees by managing wexner's financial affairs [1]

Epstein said

  • He was treated as an important donor to be wooed [4]
  • That any encounters he had with his accusers were consensual and that he believed they were 18 at the time [10]
  • He recollected nothing [1]

Epstein told

  • The New York post in 2011 [4]
  • He Told me he wanted them as young as i could find them ’’ courtney wild who says she recruited 70 or 80 girls for Epstein Told brown [10]
  • People his former paramours move up not down to friend status. [6]
  • Him [4]

Epstein allegedly

  • In the summer of 1996 Epstein Allegedly arranged for farmer to work on a special art project at leslie wexner’s mansion in New albany ohio [9]
  • Maxwell and Epstein Allegedly ordered giuffre to pay attention to what the men wanted so she could report back to them [9]
  • Lent girls to powerful people to ingratiate himself with them and also to gain possible blackmail information [1]
  • Forced giuffre to have sex with prince andrew at least three times including during an orgy [9]

Epstein paid

  • Me for many of these sexual encounters [9]
  • $350 000 to possible witnesses against him prosecutors say [4]

Epstein gave

  • When groff had a baby Epstein Gave her a mercedes and paid for a full-time nanny [6]
  • Bipartisanly but not equally between 1990 and 2004 he Gave more than $139 000 to democrats and just over $18 000 to republicans [6]

Epstein lost

  • According to One page six report Epstein Lost $57 million in bear stearns’ collapse and was a victim identified as major investor no [9]
  • Large sums of money in the 2008 financial crisis and friends and patrons including retail billionaire leslie h [1]

Found in

  • Name Found In epstein’s Black Book and on epstein’s private jet log [6]
  • Name Found In epstein’s Black Book [6]

Found injured

  • On july 24 Epstein was reportedly Found Injured in his cell though it's unclear at this point exactly what happened to him [2]
  • On july 23 Epstein was Found Injured and semiconscious at 1 30a.m [1]

Found dead

  • One woman who said Epstein molested her was Found Dead of a heroin overdose last year leaving behind a young son [10]
  • He was reportedly Found Dead on august 10 [2]


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