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  • Emma’s real mother revealed as Fiona middleton in Coronation Street is Steve her father [6]
  • Steve was in a relationship with Fiona who was a hairdresser like emma before She left weatherfield in 1998 [7]
  • In scenes to be shot soon Steve is told by mum liz beverley callard that emma would have been conceived in 1998 when He and Fiona were dating [8]
  • Steve then says how do you remember that i can’t remember who i was seeing last month let alone in 1998 emma can’t be my daughter [8]
  • Last year the Sun revealed how Steve was to become the most prolific groom in british soap history by getting married for the seventh time [5]
  • Fiona continued to live in the flat after Steve left later sharing it with colleague maxine heavey [1]
  • Steve and Fiona reconciled but She threw him out and ended their relationship after He cheated with her best mate maxine peacock [5]
  • Steve and Fiona reconciled but She threw him out and ended their relationship after He cheated with her best mate maxine peacock tracy shaw [8]
  • Corrie's Fiona drama sees Steve discover the truth [4]
  • Fiona attempted a reunion with Steve after morgan's birth but upon discovering that He had cheated on her with maxine She walked out of his life [1]
  • Fiona played by angela griffin had a son morgan with policeman alan mckenna and Steve played by simon gregson wanted to bring the baby up as his own [7]
  • Future episodes of corrie will see Steve organise a dna test after liz tips him off about the possibility of emma being his daughter [2]
  • However Steve later broke fiona's heart by reuniting with vicky partly wooed by her money as he'd started gambling heavily [2]
  • Fiona's time on the cobbles saw her have an on-off relationship with fan favourite Steve simon gregson [2]
  • This is the beginning of a major storyline for emma which will see Steve mcdonald on a mission to find out if he&aposs her real dad [7]


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  • A Tv Source said angela’s return is short and sweet but it has huge implications for Steve [8]
  • A Tv Source tells us Emma hasn’t mentioned her family much since arriving on the cobbles but she does love them [8]

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