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  • Movie mini directing [9]
  • Movie mini Actress [9]
  • Movie mini supp [9]
  • Fall tv calendar 100 season and series premieredates [5]
  • Sign up for the live feeds to see all the Drama in real time [6]
  • See our contest rules and sound off with other fans in our reality tv forum [9]
  • Movie mini writing [9]
  • Movie mini Actor [9]
  • Former university of tennessee student jackson michie faced elimination on Big Brother thursdaybut survived to compete another day [10]
  • Big Brother 21 has been a mess of ugly Drama and an overpowering alliance in gr8ful -- but the good news is that there's a major divide this week [6]
  • See exclusive predictions who will win ‘big brother’ [9]
  • When asked who they’re rooting for both david and ovi say cliff and kemi would like to see sam win [7]
  • See this just in 54% of ‘big brother’ fans desperately want david to return from camp comeback poll results [7]
  • Who do you want to see return i'd be happy with any of them but kemi would be a great teammate for nicole and a wild card in the house [6]
  • See ‘big Brother 21’ spoiler to tell or not to tell someone else may learn of the blindside scheme [7]


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  • John oliver
  • Michie
  • Cliff
  • Matthews
  • Nicole
  • Stephen colbert full frontal
  • Nick
  • Jack
  • Sam
  • Jason bateman

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