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  • Dick Turpin is probably the most legendary highwayman of all time and his rapid flight from london to York is the most famous part of this legend [4]
  • Dick Turpin and osbaldestone - the new York times 15 january 1893 [4]
  • Sharpe james sharpe dick Turpin the myth of the english highwayman profile Books 2004 i use the 2005 paperback edition [6]
  • My bonny Black Bess ii poor Black Bess dick Turpin's ride laws l9 [6]
  • According to the tourist guides dick Turpin is buried in a grave on the outskirts of York [3]
  • Indictment of dick Turpin 1739 [1]
  • Dick Turpin was not even the main character but He still galloped off with the honours [3]
  • It's hard to say if dick Turpin 1706 -1739 was really such an oppressed hero [8]
  • This practice is reflected in the ballads written about Turpin the earliest of which dick Turpin would appear to have been published in 1737 [1]
  • John preston reviews dick Turpin by james sharpe [3]
  • Dick Turpin's famous ride from london to York in 1735 [4]
  • In 1906 actor fred ginnett wrote and starred in the film dick Turpin's last ride to York [1]
  • Myth has laid an enticing coverlet over dick Turpin's bones and until now no one seems to have had much interest in stripping it off [3]
  • Sid james appeared as Turpin in the 1974 carry on film carry on dick and lwt cast richard o'sullivan as Turpin in their eponymous series dick Turpin [1]
  • His Horse Black Bess supposedly Rode 200 miles between York and london in a single night [7]


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  • Dick turpin
  • Matthew king
  • Richard turpin
  • Palmer
  • John palmer
  • John wheeler
  • Robin hood
  • Samuel gregory
  • Lawrence
  • Mary brazier

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Turpin had

  • Hardly distinguished himself as a marksman one of his first victims was a member of his own Gang who he accidentally shot in two places [3]
  • Stolen several horses while operating under the pseudonym of palmer [1]

Turpin shot

  • And killed morris on 4may with a carbine when armed with pistols morris attempted to capture him [1]
  • On 2october 1738 Turpin Shot another man's game cock in the street [1]

Turpin is

  • Dick Turpin Is probably the most legendary highwayman of all time and his rapid flight from london to York Is the most famous part of this legend [4]
  • According to the tourist guides Dick Turpin Is buried in a grave on the outskirts of York [3]
  • Introduced with the pseudonym palmer and Is later forced to escape on his Horse Black bess [1]
  • Except that there's not a shred of evidence that Turpin Is actually buried there [3]

Turpin as

  • Later ballads presented Turpin As an 18th-century robin hood figure Turpin was caught and his trial was passed and for a game cock he died at last [1]
  • Ainsworth used Turpin As a plot device describing him in a manner that makes him more lively than the book's other characters [1]

Horse theft

  • On 22march 1739 Turpin was found guilty on two charges of Horse Theft and sentenced to death he was executed on 7april 1739 [1]
  • Became a capital offence in 1545 punishable by death [1]

Horse called

  • Who rode a Horse Called bucephalus [5]
  • Who rode a Horse Called morengo [5]
  • Who rode a Horse Called lamri [5]
  • Which english king rode a Horse Called white surrey [5]

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