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  • Harrods and mohamed Al-fayed were criticised for selling real animal fur with regular protests organised outside Harrods [1]
  • Al-fayed bought the freehold of west london professional football club fulham f.c [3]
  • A fortnight previously chairman of Harrods since 1985 mohamed Al-fayed had stated that people approach us from kuwait saudi arabia qatar [1]
  • After the death of michael jackson Al-fayed announced that they had already been discussing plans to build a memorial statue [1]
  • From an early age Al-fayed self-consciously showcased his entrepreneurial talents [6]
  • Al-fayed has been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment and assault [3]
  • Al-fayed then donated the statue to the national football museum [3]
  • Film of the burning of the warrants in 2009 was shown in the final scene of unlawful killing a film funded by Al-fayed and directed by keith allen [1]
  • From an early age Al-fayed self-consciously showcased his entrepreneurial skills [6]
  • From an initial twelve acres Al-fayed has since built the estate up to sixty-five thousand acres [3]
  • Hamilton lost a subsequent libel action against Al-fayed in december 1999 and a subsequent appeal against the verdict in december 2000 [3]
  • In july 2013 it was announced that Al-fayed had sold the club to pakistani american businessman shahid khan who Owns the nfl 's jacksonville jaguars [3]
  • Al-fayed and dodi first met diana and charles when they were introduced at a polo tournament in july 1986 that had been sponsored by Harrods [3]
  • Al-fayed first claimed that the princess was pregnant to the daily express in may 2001 and that He was the only person who had been told of this News [3]
  • Al-fayed sold fulham f.c [3]


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Harrods is

  • A department store located on brompton road in knightsbridge London england [1]
  • 1994 the relationship between house of fraser and Harrods Is severed [1]
  • Now Harrods Is facing a boycott as a consequence of criticism of qatar’s links to islamist terrorists [2]
  • The only department store in britain that has continued to sell fur [1]

Harrods was

  • The holder of Royal warrants from [1]
  • Following denial that it Was for sale Harrods Was sold to qatar holdings the sovereign wealth fund of the state of qatar in may 2010 [1]
  • In 1994 Harrods Was moved out of the house of fraser group to remain a private company prior to the group's relisting on the London stock exchange [1]
  • Sold for Β£1.5 billion [3]

Harrods shop

  • 1990 a Harrods Shop opens on board the in long beach california which was then owned by the walt disney company [1]
  • 2000 a Harrods Shop opens on board the owned by the cunard line [1]

Fayed was

  • Appointed honorary chairman of Harrods a position he Was scheduled to hold for at least six months [3]
  • Ken costa an adviser to the deal said mr Al Fayed Was retiring to spend more time with his children and grandchildren [6]
  • Arrested but the charges were dropped [3]

Fayed said

  • Al-fayed Said he wanted to keep the pair's spirit alive through the statue [1]
  • Al-fayed Said i'm here every day i can't take my profit because i have to take a permission of those bloody idiots [1]
  • Of leaving Harrods of course it makes me sad.. [5]
  • I'm here every day i can't take my profit because i have to take a permission of those bloody idiots [3]

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