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  • There are however areas such as jan mayen which norway Denmark due to its ownership of Greenland and iceland have debated who is the rightful owner [6]
  • Why is the Denmark strait between iceland and Greenland named so even though it is nowhere near Denmark [6]
  • Why is iceland no longer part of Denmark but Greenland still is [6]
  • Why did iceland secede from Denmark but Greenland did not [6]
  • Greenland is an autonomous country of the kingdom of Denmark located east of the canadian arctic archipelago between the atlantic and arctic oceans [8]
  • Greenland has been under Denmark for many centuries and still is [6]
  • Many greenlandic children grew up in boarding schools in southern Denmark and a number lost their cultural ties to Greenland [1]
  • A final report g-50 was presented in 1950 Greenland was to be a modern welfare state with Denmark as sponsor and example [1]
  • Is iceland the smallest nordic country Denmark excludes Greenland [6]
  • Denmark supports Greenland with a substantialannual block grant. [5]
  • Greenland was ruled by Denmark from the early 18th century until 1979 when home rule began [5]
  • When it re-established contact with Greenland in the early 17thcentury Denmark asserted its sovereignty over the Island [1]
  • When Denmark was occupied by nazi-germany the united states april 8th 1941 occupied Greenland to defend it against a possible invasion by germany [6]
  • This claim was successfully disputed in 1933 and Denmark has had control of Greenland ever since [2]
  • In 1985 Greenland left the european economic community eec unlike Denmark which remains a member [1]


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Greenland population

  • Density map [8]
  • Growth [8]
  • By year projections [8]
  • By year historical [8]

Greenland at

  • Read more about Greenland At visit Greenland's website . [5]
  • Greenlandic was declared the sole official language of Greenland At the historic ceremony [1]
  • Ucb libraries govpubs [1]
  • Curlie [1]

Greenland also

  • Has its own parliament which has 31members [1]
  • Has a successful albeit small music culture [1]

Greenland entry

  • At [1]
  • At encyclopædia britannica [1]

Denmark was

  • When Denmark Was occupied by nazi-germany the united states april 8th 1941 occupied Greenland to defend it against a possible invasion by germany [6]
  • Greenland's connection to Denmark Was severed on 9 april 1940 early in world warii after Denmark Was occupied by nazi germany [1]
  • Occupied by nazi germany in 1940 severing the island&aposs connection to Denmark [8]


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