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  • Greenland has a population of 56 370 january 2013 estimate of whom 88% are Greenlandic inuit including danish - inuit mixed [1]
  • Many Greenlandic children grew up in boarding schools in southern Denmark and a number lost their cultural ties to Greenland [1]
  • Kalaallisut is the Greenlandic dialect of west Greenland which has long been the most populous area of the Island [1]
  • Visit Greenland the official Greenlandic tourist board [1]
  • Greenlandic was declared the sole official language of Greenland at the historic ceremony [1]
  • Greenlandic has been the sole official language of Greenland since 2009 [1]
  • Several thousand Greenlandic inuit reside in the danish peninsula [1]
  • 88% Greenlandic inuit including inuit - danish mixed [1]
  • Broadcasting in Greenlandic and danish is the main source of news and entertainment [2]
  • Debate about the roles of Greenlandic and danish in the country's future is ongoing [1]
  • Greenlandic coffee is a flaming dessert coffee that is also served to guests in Greenland [1]
  • While Greenlandic is dominant in all smaller settlements a part of the population of inuit or mixed ancestry especially in towns speaks danish [1]
  • A unesco report has labelled the other dialects as endangered and measures are now being considered to protect the east Greenlandic dialects [1]
  • 2008 Greenlandic self-government referendum - wikipedia [7]
  • Meat from marine mammals game birds and fish play a large role in the Greenlandic diet [1]


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Greenland at

  • Greenlandic was declared the sole official language of Greenland At the historic ceremony [1]
  • Read more about Greenland At visit Greenland's website . [6]
  • Ucb libraries govpubs [1]
  • Curlie [1]

Greenland also

  • Has its own parliament which has 31members [1]
  • Has a successful albeit small music culture [1]

Greenland entry

  • At encyclopædia britannica [1]
  • At [1]

Greenland national

  • Northeast Greenland National park [1]
  • Greenland contains the world's largest and most northerly National park northeast Greenland National park kalaallit nunaanni nuna eqqissisimatitaq [1]


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