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  • Eastenders reveals mel and Hunter drama in 57 pics [6]
  • Hunter arrested in Eastenders will mel kill jack for his betrayal [7]
  • Mel and Hunter leave walford in Eastenders double bill [7]
  • Eastenders introduces mel's son Hunter next week [6]
  • Hunter will return to walford in coming months but his arrival back on Eastenders won’t be smooth-sailing [2]
  • Hunter to kill again 8 Eastenders characters in danger [7]
  • Have we seen the last of Hunter owen in Eastenders after shock arrest [7]
  • 8 Eastenders spoilers reveal new Hunter twists [4]
  • Eastenders exit confirmed for Hunter owen [4]
  • Exclusive Eastenders confirms Hunter owen return [4]
  • Eastenders star warns Hunter is about to get vicious [4]
  • Terrified Hunter got out of the car and tried to run but was soon apprehended while mad mel fumed at her ex-lover’s deceit [7]
  • Hunter was gunned down by the police in friday night's action-packed episode bringing his return stint to a dramatic conclusion [4]
  • Hunter then threw louise to the ground and aimed the gun at her but before He could pull the trigger the police shot him dead in front of his mum mel [5]
  • Has Killed off Hunter owen and revealed the identity of last night's shooting victim [4]


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  • Hunter
  • Mel
  • Ben
  • Louise
  • Jack
  • Steve
  • Hunter owen
  • Phil
  • Walford
  • Charlie winter

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  • Most read in Tv & radio [2]
  • Most read in Tv & Showbiz [5]
  • Showbiz [5]
  • All Tv & Showbiz [5]

Eastenders spoilers

  • 8 Eastenders Spoilers reveal new Hunter twists [4]
  • Digital spy soap scoop video hit play below for all the latest Eastenders Spoilers as Hunter's funeral sparks tensions and linda faces a new problem [8]
  • Mel owen set for dramatic exit [2]
  • Honey mitchell in danger over adam bateman [2]
  • Karen taylor in turmoil at shock dilemma [2]
  • Will ben mitchell expose sharon's affair after phil's devious move [2]

Eastenders reveals

  • Mel and Hunter drama in 57 pics [6]
  • New setback for Mel's revenge [6]

Eastenders star

  • Warns Hunter is about to get vicious [4]
  • Mel’s ex-husband ray kelly arrives Eastenders Star sean mahon on joining the cast of the bbc1 soap [7]
  • Drops new rap song ahead of exit [4]

Eastenders airs

  • Twice as Hunter's fate is revealed [6]
  • On bbc one [8]


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