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  • Epstein managed to avoid a court martial by agreeing to see an army psychiatrist who learned of Epstein's sexuality [1]
  • Upon signing the contract Epstein immediately sent a telegram to the Beatles who were in hamburg and to the mersey beat music journal in liverpool [1]
  • Dinah and isaac's third child was harry Epstein brian Epstein's father [1]
  • On 1 october 1962 four days before the release of love me do Epstein signed lennon and mccartney to a three-year nems publishing contract [1]
  • When lennon married cynthia powell on 23 august 1962 Epstein served as best man and paid for the couple's celebration lunch afterwards [1]
  • There were reports of a brief sexual encounter between lennon and Epstein during a four-day holiday in barcelona in april 1963 [1]
  • He also suggested to Epstein that during the flotation lennon and mccartney should move to houses near isherwood's own in esher [1]
  • Epstein worked day and night at the store to make it a success and it became one of the biggest musical retail outlets in northern england [1]
  • Epstein once offered all four Beatles a fixed wage of £50 a week for life equivalent to £1 100 in 2018 [1]
  • Lennon harrison and starr agreed while Epstein and mccartney remained in london [1]
  • Epstein or brian in interviews but in private the group abbreviated his name to eppy or bri [1]
  • Decca informed Epstein one month later that the audition tapes had been rejected [1]
  • Lennon mccartney and harrison asked Epstein to sack best when they learned that martin wanted to replace him on their recordings [1]
  • Lennon and mccartney received 20 per cent each with Epstein receiving the remaining 10 per cent [1]
  • In an afternoon meeting with the group at nems on 3 december 1961 Epstein proposed the idea of managing the Beatles [1]


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Epstein later

  • Epstein initially offered the vacant position to johnny hutchinson of the big three a Group that Epstein Later managed [1]
  • Renegotiated emi's royalty rate and on 27 january 1967 the Beatles signed a new nine-year contract with emi [1]
  • Became heavily involved in the 1960s drug scene [1]
  • Stated that his first homosexual experience was when he returned to liverpool after being discharged [1]

Epstein had

  • Previously agreed to travel to bangor after the august bank holiday [1]
  • No prior experience of artist management yet he Had a strong influence on the band's early dress code and stage demeanor [1]

Epstein also

  • Successfully managed gerry and the pacemakers billy j [1]
  • Developed dependencies on the drug carbromal a barbiturate -like sedative hypnotic drug [1]

Epstein replied

  • I'm no sort of genius laughter . asked about his deficiencies Epstein Replied i'm probably too conscious of ideas rather than finance behind ideas. [1]
  • That he would eat something read his mail and watch juke box jury before phoning brown to tell him which train to meet [1]

Epstein is

  • Claiming he was beaten up by another inmate and called a child predator [9]
  • Joseph Epstein Is the author most recently of [7]

Poetry has

  • Been surrounded by altogether too much piety so that Poets have begun to think themselves priestly in their exclusivity [7]
  • Been shifted Has shifted itself off center stage [7]

Poetry is

  • No One keeps very precise records on such matters but the general sense Is that more Poetry Is currently being published than ever before [7]
  • Contemporary Poetry Is no longer a part of the regular intellectual diet [7]

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