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  • Virochana like his future Son Mahabali is extremely generous so Indra approaches him in the form of an old brahmana beggar and asks him for a gift [3]
  • Tell me quickly. Indra in the form of a brahmans spoke to Virochana it is a humiliating thing yet i beg of you [3]
  • He succeeded Virochana as the King of the asuras and his reign over the realm was characterized by peace and prosperity [2]
  • So assuming Virochana had only one daughter that would make manthara kumbhakarna's mother-in-law [6]
  • So Indra actually asks for his head without hesitation Virochana cuts off his own head [3]
  • Mahabali was the Son of devamba and Virochana [2]
  • Virochana is an alternative spelling of the sanskrit word virocana which is defined according to buddhism pali hinduism sanskrit [5]
  • Virochana was the Son of prahalada and the grandson of hiranyakashipu [7]
  • Virochana in hindu mythology was grandson of hiranyakashipu Son of prahlada and father of Bali [1]
  • Shakra once went to Virochana the lord of the daityas in the guise of a brahmana beggar [3]
  • Virochana sanskrit विरोचन in hindu mythology was an asura Son of prahlada sanskrit प्रहलाद and father of Bali [7]
  • Virochana was vanquished by shakra with the aid of deception [3]
  • That charitable gifts of Virochana became well-known in all the three worlds [3]
  • By the way this is similar in some ways to the story of how Indra retook devaloka from virochana's father prahlada [3]
  • Chapter xxiii - speech of Virochana on subjection of the mind book v - upasama khanda upashama khanda [5]


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Bali is

  • Virochana like his future son Mahabali Is extremely generous so Indra approaches him in the form of an old brahmana beggar and asks him for a gift [3]
  • In another account of the jhp Bali Is One of the four ministers in ujjayini of King sridharma [2]
  • In the keralite festival of onam Mahabali Is praised by keralites as having been a charitable King [2]
  • One of the salakapurusa or illustrious or worthy persons a prati-vasudeva or prati-narayana demon [2]
  • His son Bali Is known for his role in Vishnu's vamana incarnation [7]
  • Mahabali Is worshipped even in tulunadu which consists of coastal region of karnataka and northern kerala [2]
  • Mahabali Is said to visit kurukshetra bestowing it with gifts [2]
  • The ceremony wherein the presiding deities of the planets graha are invoked and placated in order to ward off their evil [2]
  • Also associated with kerala where all keralites celebrate onam [2]

Bali was

  • Mahabali Was the son of devamba and Virochana [2]
  • Otherwise as the vamana Purana reads the rule of Mahabali Was righteous [2]
  • Because of the fact that Bali Was such as great devotee of Vishnu his son bana Was not slain by lord Vishnu [2]
  • The descendant of this line [2]
  • Released from the ropes and bowed before Vishnu [2]

Bali had

  • King Bali Had only One son named bana or banasura [2]
  • Composition of song King Mahabali Had composed a beautiful song 'hari nama mala stotram in honour of lord Vishnu [2]
  • Mahabali Had just One wish to be able to return to his kingdom once every year and meet his people [2]
  • In the mahapurana gunabhadra writes that Bali Had lit a fire for a yajna sacrifice but jain monks are enveloped by the fire [2]
  • In some versions Bali Had developed a hatred towards jain sages [2]

Bali to

  • Onam is observed by all malayalees as the return of the pious Mahabali To kerala [2]
  • Vishnu supported Bali To teach Indra [2]
  • Hardoi uttar pradesh in local legends is where vamana appeared before Bali To ask him for three steps and so it is known as bawan [2]

Indra used

  • I'm familiar with how Indra Used deception to defeat the demon vritrasura but my question is how did Indra use deception to defeat Virochana [3]
  • I discuss in this answer how Indra Used deception to retake devaloka from prahlada [3]

Indra of

  • Lord Vishnu seeing the devotion Of Mahabali blessed him to be the Indra Of the next manvantra [2]
  • In the vamana puranna it is written that Bali performed the aswamedha sacrifice in the kurukshetra where Bali deprived Indra Of his kingdom [2]

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