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  • Virochana like his future Son Mahabali is extremely generous so indra approaches him in the form of an old brahmana beggar and asks him for a gift [3]
  • In the bhagavata purana Brahma is portrayed several times as the one who rises from the ocean of causes [6]
  • According to the brahma-vaivarta puranam it was lord Vishnu who positioned Bali in power to curb the pride of indra [2]
  • As i discuss in this answer indra disguised himself as a brahmana and approached prahlada asking him how He managed to conquer the three worlds [3]
  • Before He left for patala He bowed to Vishnu Brahma and shiva [2]
  • Tell me quickly. indra in the form of a brahmans spoke to Virochana it is a humiliating thing yet i beg of you [3]
  • Lord Vishnu seeing the devotion of Mahabali blessed him to be the indra of the next manvantra [2]
  • Surya is one of the five deities considered as equivalent aspects and means to realizing brahman in the smarta tradition [6]
  • Brahma is consort of saraswati and He is the father of four kumaras daksha and many more [6]
  • Brahma is a secondary creator as described in the mahabharata and puranas among the most studied and described [6]
  • Standing in the midst of assemblies o King of excellent fortune brahmanas extol your wonderful life-story and spotless fame [3]
  • In the uttarapuranam gunabhadra writes that visnukumara assumed the form of a dwarf brahmana and asked Bali for three steps on the earth [2]
  • Brahma is first discussed in verse 5 1 called the kutsayana hymn expounded in verse 5 2 [6]
  • Brahma is revered in ancient texts yet worshiped as a primary deity in india [6]
  • Brahma is a creator god in hinduism [6]


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  • Sita
  • Vishnu
  • Mahabali
  • Hanuman
  • Virocana
  • Ravana
  • Shiva
  • Brahmana
  • Rama

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Bali is

  • Virochana like his future son Mahabali Is extremely generous so Indra approaches him in the form of an old brahmana beggar and asks him for a gift [3]
  • In another account of the jhp Bali Is One of the four ministers in ujjayini of King sridharma [2]
  • In the keralite festival of onam Mahabali Is praised by keralites as having been a charitable King [2]
  • One of the salakapurusa or illustrious or worthy persons a prati-vasudeva or prati-narayana demon [2]
  • His son Bali Is known for his role in Vishnu's vamana incarnation [5]
  • Mahabali Is worshipped even in tulunadu which consists of coastal region of karnataka and northern kerala [2]
  • Mahabali Is said to visit kurukshetra bestowing it with gifts [2]
  • The ceremony wherein the presiding deities of the planets graha are invoked and placated in order to ward off their evil [2]
  • Also associated with kerala where all keralites celebrate onam [2]

Bali was

  • Otherwise as the vamana Purana reads the rule of Mahabali Was righteous [2]
  • Mahabali Was the son of devamba and virochana [2]
  • Because of the fact that Bali Was such as great devotee of Vishnu his son bana Was not slain by lord Vishnu [2]
  • The descendant of this line [2]
  • Released from the ropes and bowed before Vishnu [2]

Bali had

  • King Bali Had only One son named bana or banasura [2]
  • Composition of song King Mahabali Had composed a beautiful song 'hari nama mala stotram in honour of lord Vishnu [2]
  • Mahabali Had just One wish to be able to return to his kingdom once every year and meet his people [2]
  • In the mahapurana gunabhadra writes that Bali Had lit a fire for a yajna sacrifice but jain monks are enveloped by the fire [2]
  • In some versions Bali Had developed a hatred towards jain sages [2]

Bali to

  • Onam is observed by all malayalees as the return of the pious Mahabali To kerala [2]
  • Vishnu supported Bali To teach Indra [2]
  • Hardoi uttar pradesh in local legends is where vamana appeared before Bali To ask him for three steps and so it is known as bawan [2]

King bali

  • Had only One son named bana or banasura [2]
  • In the vasudevahindi sanghadasagani also writes of muni vinhu or visnukumara asking Bali for land [2]
  • There was no poverty sorrow or disease in the reign of King Bali and everybody was happy and content [2]
  • Tail mani skin of the King Bali formed this jewel [2]
  • In brhatkatha-slokasarh-graha buddhasvamin also writes of visnukumara asking Bali for land [2]
  • As he was pushed down into patala a good colony of demons King Bali made a last request [2]
  • Wanted to rob purusa's wife was vanquished and killed by purusa [2]

King of

  • Standing in the midst Of assemblies o King Of excellent fortune brahmanas extol your wonderful life-story and spotless fame [3]
  • He succeeded virochana as the King Of the asuras and his reign over the realm was characterized by peace and prosperity [2]
  • O King Of good holy rites o lord Of daityas you are the most celebrated learned man and donor in the three worlds [3]
  • Even today poets sing about the charitable gifts Of the noble-souled King Of daityas [3]

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