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  • While Bunni wrote don’t matter about Offset She says She chose not to play the song for him but did inform him about its existence [2]
  • Summer Bunni takes back her apology to Cardi b after claiming She hooked up with Offset [1]
  • Offset drops 6 figures in jewelry for Cardi b's birthday [5]
  • She insists She didn't know how serious Offset and Cardi were -- which seems absurd [5]
  • Summer Bunni tells the blast She penned don't matter over the Summer when She was experiencing mixed feelings about Offset [2]
  • Sb is the woman Offset allegedly asked to arrange a threesome that would include rapper cuban doll [5]
  • Offset's alleged mistress i'm sorry Cardi b .. [5]
  • Summerbunni cardib Offset [1]
  • Bunni is mortified that She has been labeled as a homewrecker and says She never intended to be a catalyst for rapper's split [2]
  • Bunni hasn't spoken directly to Cardi but She tried to deliver an apology through us and says She hopes the estranged couple will reconcile [5]
  • As we reported Cardi says She and her baby daddy are still friends but the love is gone [5]
  • Summer bunniwasn&apost finished with Cardi b [6]
  • Summer reveals her new music and a song she's dedicated to the migos rapper [1]
  • I really thought He and i were for real Bunni admits saying She sincerely hopes the bodak yellow star can accept her apology one day [2]
  • Her rep also claims that bunni's participation in nicki minaj and 6ix9ine's Video fefe was not a shot at Cardi [2]


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  • Dieses Video Gefällt dir nicht [3]
  • Dieses Video Gefällt dir [3]

Cardi b

  • Summer Bunni takes back her apology to Cardi B after claiming she hooked up with Offset [1]
  • Offset's alleged mistress i'm sorry Cardi B .. [5]
  • French montana sued you chopped my beat & didn't pay [5]
  • Phaedra parks offers Cardi B advice after she skipped court to twerk [5]


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