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  • Congressman Steve King is holding town halls in all 39 counties in the 4th district this year [6]
  • House gop leaders condemn Steve King for 'appalling' rape comments [4]
  • King claims that nonwhite groups haven’t contributed as much as whites to civilization this whole business does get a little tired [1]
  • King now represents the fourth congressional district in the 114th congress which includes ames fort dodge mason city sioux city and spencer [9]
  • King for saying in an interview with the times white nationalist white supremacist western civilization how did that language become offensive [1]
  • King created an uproar on social media after He questioned the contributions of non-white people during a cable television appearance in july 2016 [8]
  • Congressman Steve King is standing by a tweet that was widely condemned as racist [10]
  • Cnn Steve King is at it again [3]
  • King received the endorsement of mitt romney who said i'm looking here at Steve King because this man needs to be your congressman again [2]
  • Is Steve King in trouble democrat j.d [8]
  • Se cupp Steve King 'is a cancer on the country' [3]
  • Steve King has a penchant for creating uproaracross the nation for his comments [8]
  • As republicans rush to condemn Steve King some ask why not trump [1]
  • King questions why white nationalist is offensive language [8]
  • King who won a ninth term in november has publicly promoted white nationalists and neo-nazis on twitter and disparaged nonwhite groups for years [1]


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King has

  • Steve King Has a penchant for creating uproaracross the nation for his comments [8]
  • Brought dishonor onto the House of representatives [2]
  • Dismissed concern over global warming calling it a religion and claiming efforts to address climate change are useless [2]
  • Also called for the abolition of civil marriage [2]
  • Also voted against allowing human embryonic stem cell research [2]
  • Stirred controversy and come to prominence by making statements that have been described as racist or racially charged [2]
  • A long and documented history of denigrating racial minorities [1]
  • Been an effective member of the agriculture committee [9]

King is

  • Congressman Steve King Is holding town halls in all 39 counties in the 4th District this year [6]
  • Congressman Steve King Is standing by a tweet that was widely condemned as racist [10]
  • Cnn Steve King Is at it again [3]
  • Other republicans such as House agriculture committee chairman mike conaway dismissed the idea that King Is racist [2]
  • The chief sponsor of a law making english the official language of Iowa [1]
  • Never caught without a copy of the constitution in his coat pocket [9]
  • Considered an outspoken fiscal and social conservative [2]
  • A staunch opponent of immigration and multiculturalism [2]
  • An opponent of immigration and multiculturalism and has a long history of white-nationalist affiliations [2]
  • A staunch opponent of the affordable care act obamacare and has led attempts to repeal it [2]

King also

  • Drew praise from White nationalist leader richard spencer [10]
  • Won all 32 counties again [2]
  • Endorsed controversial right-wing canadian political commentator faith goldy in the 2018 toronto mayoral election [2]
  • Saidterrorists would be gleeful aboutobama's pledge to pull u.s [8]

King to

  • Conservative commentator ben shapiro called for both King To be censured and for a primary challenge against King [2]
  • Host town halls in grundy and buena vista counties on august 17 [6]
  • Host town hall in clay county on august 20 [6]

King tweets

  • Agreement with viktor orban hungary’s authoritarian leader mixing cultures will not lead to a higher quality of life but a lower one. [1]
  • In his endorsement of Mr [1]
  • A selfie with Mr [1]

King for

  • House gop leaders condemn Steve King For 'appalling' rape comments [4]
  • Saying in an interview with the times White nationalist White supremacist western Civilization how did that language become offensive [1]
  • Steve King For Congress [2]
  • Iowa jewish leaders condemn King For meeting with far-right political party [8]
  • Having the guts to speak out. [1]
  • Endorsing ms [1]

King won

  • Reelection receiving 61.2% of the vote to democratic nominee kim weaver's 38.6% [2]
  • I want him as my partner in washington d.c. King Won reelection to a sixth term defeating vilsack 53% 45% [2]
  • The general election defeating council bluffs city councilman paul shomshor 62% 38% [2]
  • All but seven counties none of which he had previously represented webster boone story chickasaw floyd cerro gordo and winnebago [2]
  • Reelection to a second term defeating democratic candidate joyce schulte 63% 37% [2]
  • Reelection to a fifth term defeating matt campbell 66% 32% [2]
  • In 2006 King Won reelection to a third term defeating schulte again 59% 36% [2]
  • Reelection with 61.6% of the vote defeating democratic candidate jim mowrer [2]
  • Reelection to a fourth term defeating democratic candidate rob hubler 60% 37% [2]

King opposes

  • Stricter regulations on gun ownership [2]
  • Abortion [2]
  • Affirmative action [2]

King compares

  • Transgender troops to castrated slaves [8]
  • Immigrant children to drug mules [8]
  • Immigrants to hunting dogs [8]

King questions

  • Why White nationalist is offensive language [8]
  • What minorities have contributed to Civilization [8]

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